Date: Monday, 17 December 2018 

Time: 23:00 UTC (for the time in various timezones click here)

Meeting Number: AL.LAC/MT.1217/1

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ES: Sergio Salinas Porto, Harold Arcos, Alexis Anteliz, Maritza Aguero, Hamzah Haji, Diolia Graziano, Eliecer Acevedo, Javier Chandia, Sharon Emptage, Vrikson Acosta, Reina Granados, Carlos Leal, Ricardo Holmquist, Aida Noblia, Marcelo Tellez, Leon Sanchez, Lilian Ivette De Luque, Vanda Scartizini, Sylvia Herelein Leite, Gilberto Lara, Abdias Zambrano, Humberto Carrasco, Mariel Aranda, Paulo Roque, Alberto Soto, Olga Cavalli, Alejandro Pisanty,  Mark Datsgeld, 

EN: Maureen Hilyard, Dev Anand Teelucksingh, Bartlett Morgan, 


PT: Sávyo Vinícius de Morais

Apologies: Lito Ibarra, Tracy Hackshaw, Adrian Carballo, 

Staff: Heidi Ullrich, Silvia Vivanco, Albert Daniels, Daniel Fink, Rodrigo Saucedo, Claudia Ruiz


ES: Veronica and David 

PT: Bettina and Esperanza

FR: Claire and Jacques

Call Management: Claudia Ruiz


1. Bienvenida -  Sergio Salinas (1 minuto)

2.- Roll Call - Staff (2 minutos)

3. Aprobación de la Agenda -  Harold Arcos (2 minutos)

4. Presentación de Nuevos Grupos de Trabajo - Sergio Salinas 

     4.1 Dominios y su relación con los Usuarios (GNSO)

     4.2 WHOIS / GDPR

     4.3 Multilingüismo / IDN

     4.4 Comunicaciones

     4.5 Capacitación

     4.6 Gobernanza

5.- Aviso sobre Documento de Principios Operativos – Sergio Salinas (5 minutos)

6.- Reporte ALAC Member Ricardo Holmquist  (10 - 15 minutos)

7.- EPDP. Reporte Inicial Comentado - León Sánchez  (10 minutos)

8.- Otros Temas de Interés - AOB Harold Arcos (5 minutos).

9.- Webinar – Aceptación Universal Mark W. Datysgeld - Sávyo Vinícius de Morais (presentación) - Brasil (25 minutos).

10.- Webinar - Encuesta de Evaluación (5 minutos).

11.- Agradecimientos.

Por favor, consulte las actualizaciones de comentarios de políticas a continuación.


1.Welcome - Sergio Salinas (1 minute)

2.- Roll Call - Staff (2 minutes)

3. Agenda Aproval - Harold Arcos (2 minutes).

4. Presentation of the New Working Groups LACRALO – Sergio Salinas (25 minutes).

    4.1 Domains and their relationship with Users (GNSO)

     4.2 WHOIS / GDPR

     4.3 Multilingualism / IDN

     4.4 Communications

    4.5 Training

     4.6 Governance

5.- Notice on Document Operating Principles - Sergio Salinas (5 minutes)

6.-  ALAC Member Report Ricardo Holmquist (10 - 15 minutes)

7.- EPDP Initial report commented - León Sánchez  (10 minutes)

8.- AOB Harold Arcos (5 minutos).

9.- Webinar – Universal Acceptance Mark W. Datysgeld - Sávyo Vinícius de Morais (presentation) Brazil (25 minutes).

10.- Webinar - Evaluation Survey (5 minutes).

11.- Acknowledgement


See: 2018 ALAC Policy Comments & Advice
See: At-Large Policy Summary 

Recently Ratified by the ALAC

Draft PTI and IANA FY20 Operating Plan and Budgets
After consultations with the ICANN Finance Department and ALAC Finance and Budget Subcommittee (FBSC), the ALAC submitted comment on (4) sections of the Draft PTI and IANA FY20 Operating Plan and Budgets, including the Executive Summary, PTI Services Financial Overview, PTI Services Overview and PTI Services and Operating Plan.

Competition, Consumer Trust, and Consumer Choice Review Team (CCT) Final Report & Recommendations
As the principal voice of Internet end users within the ICANN community, the ALAC were interested in the findings and recommendations from the CCT Review, particularly in the areas of Choice and Trust. The ALAC is supportive of all of the recommendations in the Report, including the new ones relating to DNS abuse in New gTLDs. The ALAC reiterated they do not share a sense of urgency when it comes to subsequent procedures, but instead believe the community should address all of the deficiencies in the 2012 program before accepting additional applications. The ALAC commented on additional sections of the Report and Recommendations, including Recommendations 1, 8-10, 11-13, 14-25, 29-31, 32, 33 and 34-35.

Initial Report of the New gTLD Auction Proceeds Cross-Community Working Group
The ALAC have been following this issue closely, and discussed the issues internally prior to the issuance of the Initial Report. The ALAC discussed each of these mechanisms among the participants and members of the working group, and in their statement commented on Recommendations 1-10, noting it believes strongly that At-Large Structures (ALSes) and Individual members should be able to apply for funds; the proceeds from past auctions were intended for use in capacity building activities enhancing the mission of ICANN and consistent with one of its core principles for an “open and interoperable Internet”, for the benefit of the Internet community.

Public Comment for Decision

Current Statements (ALAC Advice, Comment or Correspondence)

Domains and their relationship with Users

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