Seth:  WT C CHAT:  02 FEBRUARY 2011

Seth:  Hello, WT C.

sylvia herlein: dEAR all, Im so sorry but I´m not to be able to participate today. I need to participate in another teleconference from my work. In the last LACRALO teleconference we form a group in order to work in our region ( Fatima, Sergio, Cintra and me). We will try to have the answer from our ALSes to the SWOT before our next teleconference in Fev.

sylvia herlein: I´m so sorry!

sylvia herlein: I will be only in the Adobe room. So If you want to ask me something is OK.

Heidi Ullrich: Welcome everyone!

Heidi Ullrich: Gareth, do you need a dial out?

CLO: Hmmm  no dial out :?

CLO: I've not been called either

Heidi Ullrich: Dialing out to you now

Heidi Ullrich: Gareth, OCL are on


Tijani BEN JEMAA: hello

Dev Anand Teelucksingh: Hello All

Dev Anand Teelucksingh: Cintra wanted to join this call, but had a work meeting conflict

Gisella Gruber-White: Thanks Dev

Heidi Ullrich: At-Large is usually the vanguard :)

CLO: Seth  is good on the minute taking :-)

CLO: and I'm muted again while I cough

CLO: no I'm muted

Heidi Ullrich: is 90 minutes ok for the Sunday Workshop?

Heidi Ullrich: 45 minutes for the Wrap Up Session?

CLO: What it means then is friom that scegule outline  ALAC  will have AI's  comming out of SFO

Dev Anand Teelucksingh: 90 for each WT ?

Heidi Ullrich: yes, Cheryl

Heidi Ullrich: no, total

Heidi Ullrich: overall discussion

Heidi Ullrich: The WTs could then work on any points the ALAC raised during hte Sunday session

CLO: as we will not be  "discussing"  and developing  thoughts and final directions  on a fewthings till the Thur

Heidi Ullrich: during their meetings in the week

CLO: then ALAC will have some AI's  out of SFO

Dev Anand Teelucksingh: ok,  22 mins per WT

CLO: but the WT's  per se should be pretty well finalised  ....

CLO: NO  we would not ( ALAC  finalise the resommendations  but we would consider them in SFO

CLO: Yes diagrams flow charts   and tables  HSOULD  be included

CLO: Summary slides  are usefull and we also need to SEE any diagrams

CLO:   that would be additional

CLO: CAN  be pre sent

Gareth Shearman: I can envision some very cluttered, unreadable slides if everything is crammed on to one page.

Dev Anand Teelucksingh: agree with Gareth

Dev Anand Teelucksingh: need perhaps a slide per recommendation

CLO: +1  for Dev

Heidi Ullrich: I think we should schedule an extra 30 minutes just in case...

CLO: so ALL  's  would end up using  13-17 slides in all

Heidi Ullrich: we could schedule the session immediately prior to lunch

Tijani BEN JEMAA: yes Heidi, plz do

CLO: as SOME of the review Rec's' are more extensive than others

Seth Greene: Perhaps fix the time per team, rather than slides.

CLO: Also  remember  a person could out up one slide (e.g. one of the flow charts re policy input   but the discussion on the aspects of that slides   sections could take MUCH longer than the allocated  time

Gareth Shearman: I don't think we should be fixated on this slide issue

CLO: AGREE  Gareth\\\

CLO: For  heavins  SAKE!

Heidi Ullrich: 30 mins each

Heidi Ullrich: Agree, Seth.

Dev Anand Teelucksingh: just set a limit to the time for presentation for each WT say 5-10 mins each

CLO: we  give  each  WT 20 mins  5-7 for presentaion of the reecs  they have for ALAC to consider  and the rest for discussion / interaction

CLO: Yes Dev  we AGREE

Seth Greene: Example of Dev's work:  https://community.icann.org/download/attachments/2951129/New+ALACAt-Large+PAD+flowchart+%28Dec+2010%29_ver+6.pdf\\

CLO: yes

CLO: the ALAC internal process  was meetings  basewd]

CLO: and used  the B&F  SC


CLO:  Sorry Caps

CLO: we asked for regional inpout  got it  sent it to Director of At-Large  who  added it into their departmsntal request(sO) we think  <insert black hole>

CLO: Thanks

Dave Kissoondoyal: Hi all... had electfrical power outage here and  this is the reason could not join earlier

CLO: Yes I'd mirror  the use of  then and now diagrams  for 5.1.1  5.2&.1

CLO: & 5.2.1

Tijani BEN JEMAA: Welcome Dave

CLO: 5.3.1  IS AN issue  OUTSTANDING  imo

Dev Anand Teelucksingh: LACRALO has done a Google Doc for SWOT analysis : https://docs.google.com/document/d/12sTqGKwHCItRZvhd5saGFoZ7WWeqs0deavcNFQ5ocAM/edit?hl=en_GB&authkey=CIHLiu0C\\

Dev Anand Teelucksingh: but no actual changes made as yet

CLO: were zNIT  past deadline    but yes you are being  Nieve

CLO: Nieve

Heidi Ullrich: Seth, are the FR/ES versions ready?

Olivier Crépin-Leblond: they have been for a long time

Heidi Ullrich: thanks!!

Seth Greene: The FR/ES versions have been up from the beginning.  Attached to English.

CLO: Yes  a reminder will help as it is happening BEFORE the deadline'  APRALO  has been  looking at a lot of its OWN internal needs  for Policy intput  AND  inreach / outreach

Seth Greene: Done.

CLO: we did  obviously like all regions  do the work  for the FY12 input   but  there has been NO call to the ALSes  for inout

CLO: input

CLO: Thanks all

CLO: at this stage there shouod not be many action items

CLO: Dream in  OCL

CLO: and happy year of the Rabbit

Dave Kissoondoyal: thanks a lot and bye

Dev Anand Teelucksingh: Bye all

Seth Greene: Thanks, everyone.  Happy New Year.

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