Implementation Review Team (IRT) MembersAffiliation


Brian Cimbolic Public Interest Registry (PIR)
2Crystal OndoDonuts
3Jean-Francois Vanden Eynde Nameshield SAS
4Jim Bikoff Smith, Gambrell & Russell LLP
5Keith Drazek Verisign
6Lori Schulman International Trademark Association (INTA)
7Michael Flemming GMO Brights Consulting Inc.
8Mike RodenbaughRodenbaugh Law

Petter Rindforth

Fenix Legal KB
10Dennis TanakaVerisign
11Theo GeurtsRealtime Register B.V.
12David W. MaherPublic Interest Registry
13Stéphane HankinsInternational Committee of the Red Cross
  • The role of the IRT is to review the work product of the Implementation Team (IPT) to advise its alignment with the policy recommendations.

Implementation Project Team (IPT) - ICANN Organization (staff)

Dennis Chang

Antonietta Mangiacotti
Francisco Arias
Angelina Lopez
Leticia Castillo
Berry Cobb
Mary Wong
Steve Chan
Erika Randall
Fabien Betremieux
  • IPT is accountable for producing the Implementation Plan and overseeing its executing

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