What does it cover?

After a detailed assessment, it was determined that it is best to compile all language related needs under one same function, “Language Services”, which includes:

  • Translation
  • Simultaneous Interpretation
  • Teleconference Interpretation
  • Transcription (after the fact audio files)
  • Real Time Transcription (RTT) also referred as scribing services
  • Video Captioning (Subtitling)

What does it mean?

Through the "Language Services" function we are able to:

  • Investigate and adopt, where appropriate, multilingualism best practices recognized by international organizations
  • Translate key written materials and publications into an agreed set of languages (5 United Nations (UN) Languages for most documents - Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian and Spanish) plus Portuguese where applicable. Additionally, for outreach/marketing material, LS will provide translations into Turkish, in an effort to support ICANN's Istanbul offices, as well as Korean and Japanese to support the APAC offices.
  • Translate information provided via ICANN’s website, while working towards becoming a multilingual organization.
  • Provide interpretation services during ICANN International Meeting (three per year) in all UN languages plus Portuguese and the local host language if not included within the UN set of languages. The provision of interpretation in other language(s) may be included, when deemed necessary, after a proper assessment.
  • Provide conference call interpretation services (i.e. some RALOs meetings, GAC meetings, special meetings and/or working Groups)
  • Transcribe audio recordings for sessions taking place during the three ICANN International Meetings and other ICANN supported meetings that may request the same service. (Applies to session(s) without real-time transcription or scribing services).
  • Transcribe audio recording for conference calls that may require the service (i.e. At-Large, LACRALO, eLearning podcasts)
  • Provide Real-Time-Transcription (RTT), also known as scribing, during ICANN International Meetings, for specific sessions requiring this scope of service. 
  • Facilitate captioning and subtitling of videos produced at ICANN
  • Provide a more comprehensive quality control process that will allow enlisted community members to participate in the continual improvement of ICANN’s Language Services function (i.e. Crowd-sourcing).

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