Welcome to Language Services. Languages are one of the key features of cultural identity, communication and the possibility of reaching out beyond borders. ICANN, as an International Organization, has the responsibility to provide information to the world, therefore, considers its many languages an asset, rather than a burden.


While committed to integration and recognizing that "Multilingualism brings communities closer together",  ICANN wants to promote actively the freedom of its community members to speak and write in their own language.

ICANN Language Services Policy and Procedures are approved by the ICANN Board. The latest ICANN Languages Services Policy and Procedures document approved was May, 2012 and a PDF version is available here: https://www.icann.org/en/system/files/files/policies-procedures-18may12-en.pdf.


This space will be updated periodically with important Language Services information and support materials of interest to the Global ICANN Community and Regions.  

If you have a question or comment regarding the Language Services WiKi or need additional information you may send a note to Community2ICANNLanguages@icann.org.


"Multilingualism is a natural product of development"





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