00:17:47 Claudia Ruiz: Welcome to the EURALO Board Teleconference Call
00:20:29 Claudia Ruiz: Welcome Lutz!
00:20:46 Lutz Donnerhacke: Sorry, I'm late
00:22:16 Lutz Donnerhacke: Oh, my mic seems broken
00:22:29 Lutz Donnerhacke: Yes, I can do it
00:23:44 Lutz Donnerhacke: But currently I've to visit the hospital … due to chest pain
00:24:29 Joanna Kulesza: Oh looks great! :)
00:24:35 Joanna Kulesza: Thanks for the idea guys!
00:24:39 Roberto: XXXL for me, thanks :-)
00:24:45 Gisella Gruber: All embroidered
00:24:52 Filina Natalia: -)))
00:25:00 Joanna Kulesza: It is an overall nice picture ;)
00:25:20 Mate Mester: :)
00:25:21 Roberto: The more X the safer…
00:27:25 Adam Peake: About NomCom, Wolfgang sent the following to the NCUC list (he’s their delegate)
00:27:27 Adam Peake: Dear friends,

as indicated in my last report, the NomCom has now decided to move to the very end via virtual meetings.

As you can see from the announcement below, there will be a one week of various online meetings (six to eight hours nper day for (NomCom only meetings and interviews with candidates) at the end of September. We hope that we can get a final consensus until Wednesday, September 30, 2020 for the seven positions we have to fill. So far we have trimmed down the numbers from 90+ candidates to around 20 shortlisted candidates.

Best wishes.


00:29:00 Roberto: It says “May Monthly Call” - should be September
00:29:46 Roberto: Sorry - misunderstood
00:30:36 Ricardo Holmquist: looks very nice both meetings
00:30:38 Filina Natalia: It would be great 2 sessions and well attended for sure
00:32:43 Filina Natalia: Chris Mondini maybe can take a part?
00:35:47 Filina Natalia: good suggestions Adam
00:37:25 Joanna Kulesza: Elena's great!
00:38:12 Adam Peake: Sorry, forgot to mute and eating a biscuit! Apologies :-)
00:38:31 Filina Natalia: -)))
00:42:57 Joanna Kulesza: Hopefully there will be two: one on HR and the other one on UN and cybercrime @OCL
00:44:14 Olivier Crépin-Leblond: Great to see all of these sessions complementing each other
00:46:19 Joanna Kulesza: Great, thank you @Seb.
00:47:29 Roberto: Unaffiliated Individuals Mobilization WP
00:47:29 Filina Natalia: UIM WP
00:57:00 Adam Peake: Sorry, Wolfgang Kleinwächter
00:59:50 Adam Peake: Link to Goran’s goals for FY21, including one about technical Internet governance: https://www.icann.org/news/blog/icann-president-ceo-goals-for-fiscal-year-2021
01:00:04 Roberto: The EuroDIG 2021 date is not finalised yet
01:00:33 Roberto: The planning meeting is in the beginning of Oct. - date will be known then
01:02:41 Roberto: ESOF has just finished in Trieste in the new Conference Centre
01:03:24 Adam Peake: Thank you. Be well :-)
01:03:37 Roberto: Bye!
01:03:37 Ricardo Holmquist: Have a good night, thanks Seb
01:03:39 Joanna Kulesza: Thank you all!
01:03:43 Lutz Donnerhacke: Bye
01:03:46 Mate Mester: Bye and take care!

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