07:52:11 From Claudia Ruiz : Welcome all to the EURALO General Assemebly
07:55:52 From christopher wilkinson : Does the Chat work remotely? Does the Chair/Secr. Have access to remote Chat if any?
07:56:38 From Betty Fausta : Chat work remotely actually |Betty Fausta, from LE BIKLAB]
07:57:28 From Heidi Ullrich : Hello, All!
08:01:27 From gisella.gruber : Welcome to the EURALO Virtual General Assembly
08:01:28 From silvia.vivanco : Welcome all
08:01:39 From Bastiaan Goslings : Hi all
08:01:46 From silvia.vivanco : At-Large staff joining remotely :)!
08:01:50 From Salve J. Nilsen : Hello from ISOC Norway
08:02:09 From Bastiaan Goslings : I can hear you ok, @Claudia
08:02:34 From Sebastien Bachollet : Hello all
08:02:51 From joanfrancesc : Hello
08:02:55 From Sebastien Bachollet : Thanks for joining
08:03:02 From joanfrancesc : Hello from ISOC-CAT
08:03:07 From Sebastien Bachollet : We will start in 2’
08:03:17 From joanfrancesc : I’ve problems with sound
08:03:41 From Sebastien Bachollet : Olivier is setting up the Microphone and the camera
08:04:07 From Claudia Ruiz : @sebastien, Thank you for letting us know
08:06:11 From Salve J. Nilsen : We can hear you
08:06:14 From Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond : Can you hear Sébatien?
08:06:29 From Betty Fausta : yes (Betty F.)
08:09:47 From jjs-mac-2 : Greetings All; congratulations to Sébastien on becoming Chair of EURALO, and many thanks to Olivier for having chaired our RALO so well.
08:10:28 From Bastiaan Goslings : @JJS: hear hear
08:12:11 From gisella.gruber : Welcome to all our Remote Participants
08:15:30 From Heidi Ullrich : Welcome, All.
08:15:31 From silvia.vivanco : Attendance is noted here: https://community.icann.org/display/EURALO/2019+EURALO+General+Assembly-+Berlin%2C+Germany
08:15:31 From Bastiaan Goslings : @Staff: In case of any connectivity issues, Sebastien can be my proxy - please confirm you received this message
08:15:48 From joanfrancesc : hello
08:16:03 From Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond : Apologies for the low sound level but this is a long room and many people
08:16:07 From Lutz Donnerhacke : Hi. Sorry, I'm late
08:16:25 From Claudia Ruiz : @Bastiaan, we received your message, thank you
08:17:16 From Heidi Ullrich : @Bastiaan, I’ve noted Sebastien as your proxy on the wiki page.
08:17:23 From Bastiaan Goslings : thanks!
08:18:26 From jjs-mac-2 : Gisella, I’m also present, by remote participation. Thanks. Jean-Jacques.
08:19:09 From Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond : Yes -- Baastian you have been accounted. Thanks
08:21:22 From Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond : Thank you Jean-Jacques - noted
08:29:08 From j.j.subrenat : Warm greetings and congratulations to Leon!
08:30:08 From j.j.subrenat : Wow, we’re already 30 minutes into the call! How long is this AGM due to last?
08:30:37 From Betty Fausta : great. congrats Leon
08:34:56 From Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond : 90 minutes for the AGM
08:35:34 From j.j.subrenat : @Olivier: thanks.
08:37:37 From j.j.subrenat : @Sébastien: noted! ;-)
08:38:25 From Lutz Donnerhacke : Please use mics for the sake of remote participants ears.
08:39:29 From Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond : The mic is in the middle of a long room and hard to move around
08:39:31 From Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond : apologies
08:39:44 From Lutz Donnerhacke : :-/
08:40:09 From Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond : the mic is pointing towards Sébastien hence the difficulty. You can see it in the picture
08:48:12 From Betty Fausta : merci Olivier
08:48:25 From Betty Fausta : i really happy to participate to LACRALO
08:50:44 From silvia.vivanco : RIPE - EURALO MOU: https://community.icann.org/display/EURALO/RIPE+-+EURALO+MOU
08:51:29 From silvia.vivanco : New EURALO Articles of Association: https://community.icann.org/display/EURALO/Procedures+and+Policies?preview=/16843067/120820581/EURALO%20Bylaws%20draft%2010-06-2019%20FINALv5-clean%20(1).pdf
08:52:09 From silvia.vivanco : EURALO Hot topics: https://community.icann.org/display/EURALO/EURALO+Hot+Topics+2018+-+2019
08:57:19 From Bastiaan Goslings : great report, thanks Olivier!
08:58:38 From j.j.subrenat : @Sébastien: having actively taken part in the Bylaws WG, I’m willing to join the Operating Rules WG.
08:59:43 From Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond : you're welcome, @Bastiaan
09:00:38 From j.j.subrenat : I support Sébastien’s suggestion about EURALO taking part in Comments on important topics.
09:01:12 From joanfrancesc : I agree with you j.j
09:01:52 From Betty Fausta : i m interestd in
09:01:56 From Betty Fausta : but i need a mentor
09:02:08 From Betty Fausta : to explain and exchange
09:03:55 From Betty Fausta : => participation policy discussions
09:04:39 From Bastiaan Goslings : there are some people who raised their hands
09:04:40 From Betty Fausta : ..
09:04:57 From Claudia Ruiz : We have hands up in the room
09:04:59 From Betty Fausta : not sure that remotely participants take part..
09:05:04 From Betty Fausta : what's happend ?
09:05:25 From Sebastien Bachollet : We will see if we can have you
09:05:27 From Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond : The document that Yrjö is sharing on paper is also available from the Agenda page
09:05:43 From j.j.subrenat : @Sébastien: I wanted to speak in support of your suggestion that EURALO take a direct part in public comments, when warranted.
09:05:47 From Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond : I cannot see the hands up
09:05:56 From Sebastien Bachollet : The trouble is that we have a hand made system in Berlin
09:06:08 From Claudia Ruiz : 1. Jean-Jaques
09:06:09 From Betty Fausta : just put it down. the topic is changing
09:06:17 From Claudia Ruiz : 2. Betty Fausta
09:06:34 From Sebastien Bachollet : I will give you the floor at the end of this topic
09:06:40 From Sebastien Bachollet : Sorry for that
09:06:43 From j.j.subrenat : @Claudia: thanks, but I’ve put down my hand, and instead posted a remark on this chat (see above).
09:06:49 From Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond : We can make an attempt. I have a small speaker and it might just work
09:12:50 From j.j.subrenat : @Yrjö, I support the suggestion (Manal, you) for more coordination between RALOs and GAC. Question: how will that be viewed by GAC members/countries?
09:13:47 From Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond : ICANN Stakeholder Analysis Tool: https://community.icann.org/display/atlarge/ICANN+Stakeholder+Analysis+Tool
09:16:07 From Claudia Ruiz to Op's iphone (Privately) : Hello, thank you for joining. Can I please have your name for the attendance/record?
09:16:59 From christopher wilkinson : Remote communications are deteriorating. However, Supporting JJS comment.
09:17:24 From j.j.subrenat : @Christopher: thanks.
09:18:06 From christopher wilkinson : PS: notice from the system: Your Network Bandwidth is Low. I don’t need to know that!!
09:18:18 From Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond : We are relying on the local network
09:18:27 From joanfrancesc : thanks!
09:19:26 From Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond : @Christopher - it might be some problem at your end as we are not receiving any notification at this end
09:22:13 From Lutz Donnerhacke : Christopher: Welcome to Germany.
09:22:19 From Heidi Ullrich : RALO Discretionary Funding is available
09:22:28 From Heidi Ullrich : As well as CROP funding
09:23:20 From Heidi Ullrich : There is nearly $2k remaining
09:23:46 From Heidi Ullrich : So could do ALS Readout sessions
09:24:17 From Heidi Ullrich : and it has already covered several trips to regional and global IGFs in Europe, etc
09:25:25 From Heidi Ullrich : Information here: https://community.icann.org/display/atlarge/FY20+RALO+Requests+for+Funding+to+support+an+Outreach+Activity
09:26:01 From j.j.subrenat : @Sébastien: Ombudsman’s remarks are very interesting about Rules of Procedure. We should take up his offer!
09:29:21 From joanfrancesc : Please. Can you send me flyer picture? Thanks
09:30:45 From Op's iphone : or a link to that thanks
09:31:31 From Salve J. Nilsen (ISOC.no) : A link would be lovely
09:32:06 From j.j.subrenat : https://contractfortheweb.org/
09:32:30 From joanfrancesc : thanks j.j.
09:32:41 From christopher wilkinson : Congratulations and best wishes to Chairs, Members and Staff for an excellent meeting. Thankyou CW
09:33:40 From Betty Fausta : thanks. it was my first Assembly. appreciate :)
09:33:48 From joanfrancesc : Hi everybody. I apologize for not having been able to attend the meeting in person as planned. I have had a family problem in Barcelona.

Thanks to Olivier for having presided over our RALO. And congratulations to Sébastien for being president of EURALO.
See you soon
09:33:58 From Lutz Donnerhacke : If you fell in love with Germany and want to come back next year ... The IGF Germany and the German governmnet will come to my home town Jena ...
09:33:58 From Heidi Ullrich : Thanks to all!
09:34:07 From joanfrancesc : Thanks to all
09:34:20 From Heidi Ullrich : Remember - EURALO GA (funded) in FY21
09:34:58 From Op's iphone : thanks to all
09:35:20 From Heidi Ullrich : Great to see you all ‘virtually’ :)
09:36:03 From j.j.subrenat : Goodbye All!
09:36:15 From Lutz Donnerhacke : Have fun in Berlin. cu next time!
09:36:19 From Sebastien Bachollet : Thanks you all
09:36:42 From Heidi Ullrich : Thanks to everyone for your support
09:36:51 From Bastiaan Goslings : thanks al, enjoy IFG ˆ& Berklin!
09:36:51 From Anne-Marie Joly-Bachollet : bye
09:37:00 From Salve J. Nilsen (ISOC.no) : bye, thanks!
09:37:11 From Bastiaan Goslings : (and IGF and Berlin too)
09:37:45 From joanfrancesc : Bye bye!
09:38:26 From Sebastien Bachollet : Thanks staff Sylvia Gisella …

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