As agreed on the EURALO monthly call, held on August 23,  2016, EURALO's Chair and Secretariat would like to announce a call for nominations to fill the Board seat vacated by Mikhail - Medrish (Russia) who left the ALS, “ Internet Support Foundation" on Sun 8/14/2016. This call is made in accordance with the EURALO Articles of Association and Selection and performance criteria for EURALO Board members 2015. Please note: For this Board replacement round several candidates may be nominated but only one position is vacant. Since this is for ONE seat, ALSes will have ONE vote only! As we have a limit of 1 Board member per country, citizens of Spain, Finland, Germany and France are not eligible for nomination. For further rules and infos see:

The current EURALO Board term is 2 years from 09 Dec 2015 until 09 Dec 2017.  The new member will serve for the remaining timeframe  (from September 7th  2016 until  December 09th  2017), in alignment  with the current EURALO Board member terms.

Kindly note the EURALO Board should be balanced but EURALO has not reached a consensus on having direct absolute criteria for geographical (East/Western Europe) or Gender criteria. As geographical and gender balance are important in our region, I ask you to consider these issues when making your selection.

Please submit your nominations and self-nominations until August 31st at 23  UTC by sending an email to the EURALO mailing list and coping At – Large staff.  All candidates who accept their nominations must submit an Expression of Interest (EOI). To read the Expression of Interest Statements from sitting Board members please visit:


Reference documents:


EURALO Articles of Association

Selection and performance criteria for EURALO Board members 2015

Nominations :





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  Erich SchweighoferJean-Jacques Subrenat Austria Professor of the University of Vienna; teaching & research in legal informatics, European law and international law; formerly worked as Principal Administrator in the European Commission in Brussels, as head of European training at the Federal Academy of Administration in Vienna and as assistant legal adviser in the Austrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Vienna; Ph.D.s in law and business informatics, habilitation in legal informatics I am involved in ICANN since its very beginning, mostly as an academic researcher in internet governance, domain names and dispute settlement; now also as a regular participant in ICANN Meetings (off-line and on-line). I was the key activist for establishing two new ALS’s in Austria – WZRI Wiener Zentrum für Rechtsinformatik / Vienna Centre for Legal Informatics and OCG Österreichische Computer Gesellschaft / Austrian Computing Society. Both are now part (with the third ALS - Wikimedia Austria) of a regional ICANN Vienna Platform organising regular meetings on ICANN topics (next end of September with the Global Stakeholder Engagement Manager, Central & Eastern Europe Gabriella Schittek). The outreach of WZRI is in the academic community in Vienna but also Central and Eastern Europe; that of the OCG in informatics and Society, hoping that we can help to make it a goal in the CEPIS, too (CEPIS = Council of European Professional Informatics Societies). In ICANN, I am now member of two CCWG sub-groups: jurisdiction and human rights. I am a supporter of multi-stakeholder representation (as a person but also as an academic in international law) and wish to strengthen my personal involvement.

 Julia Velkova

  • On Tue 9/6/2016 Julia withdrew her candidacy 

Sebastien Bachollet


With a degree in telecommunication engineering, I have been an ISOC member since 2004, and ISOC-Bulgaria’s chapter project leader for nearly a decade. Prior to that I have worked as a programmer and technical consultant at the Bulgarian Council of Ministers on issues related to e-governance, as well as part of the free software community in Bulgaria. I have led and brought to successful completion projects ranging from e-governance on the Balkans; free software in public administrations in South-Eastern Europe; to creating knowledge infrastructures for open culture in Scandinavia. Since 2008 I live in Sweden from where I have co-consulted the Republic of Kosovo on the TLD process; participated in WCIT in Dubai in 2012 as part of the Swedish delegation; and lectured on the internet governance process and multi-stakeholderism at Swedish universities. I am also a member of the Swedish Reference group on Internet Governance formed by the Swedish Post and Telecom Authority.

I am currently in the process of finishing a PhD in Media Studies at Södertörn University in Stockholm on the topic of creating public digital infrastructures for cultural production.

One of the topics that interests me most at the moment concerns the ways in which fiber optic connectivity and online platforms reconfigure the role of data centre infrastructure providers to become energy suppliers in different locations across Europe. If I am elected as a board member of EURALO, I will be interested in discussing more this ongoing change, and try to assess its implications on the power of ISPs and data centre operators in relation to internet governance, as well as their implications on consumers. Other issues that interest me are cyberwarfare and cybersecurity across Europe, as well as their regulation.

I am fluent in English, Swedish, Bulgarian and Russian


 EURALO Board member (replacement) Election 2016-2017 



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