Pursuant to the consensus reached regarding the EURALO Board Members selection, the following five individuals are selected to become the EURALO Board Members for the period of two years beginning on 09 December 2015

Reference documents:

EURALO Articles of Association

Selection and performance criteria for EURALO Board members 2015

Nominations :

CandidateNominated byCountry of Origin/Country of Residence Expression of Interest
Annette Mühlberg Olivier PassekGermany 
Jean-Jacques SubrenatRoberto GaetanoFrance

This is to state my interest in serving on the Board of EURALO, 2017-19. My recent and current work as a volunteer on Internet matters includes:

  • ICANN Board of Directors (2007-10)
  • Member of the ALAC (2010-12, again 2012-14)
  • Member of the ICG, appointed by ALAC (2014-16)
  • Member of the NetMundial Initiative inaugural Coordination Council, nominated by EURALO (2014-16)
  • Member of ISOC Chapters: France, Belgium, San Francisco Bay Area (the latter as its "global ambassador")
  • Co-founder of EURALO Individuals' Association, first elected Chair (2015-17), currently Vice Chair (2017-) IndividualUsers.org
  • Brief profile: http://icannwiki.com/index.php?title=Special:UserLogout&returnto=Jean-Jacques+Subrenat

I have served on several international Boards, such as the ICANN Board. I have held positions of responsibility in a number of areas, including as Ambassador for 10 consecutive years. As a member of the ICG, I took an active part in the transition of oversight of the IANA Functions, arguably one of the important phases of ICANN's recent history. As co-founder and inaugural Chair of the EURALO Individuals' Association, an ALS registered with EURALO, I am familiar with the needs of the global Internet user. I have an interest in quality communication, and am currently a community contributor to WikiTribune, the online newspaper, which has published a number of my articles and essays. If elected to the EURALO Board I would be glad to contribute actively to its general duties, and to help enhance its inreach, outreach and communications strategy.

Jordi IparraguirreAnnette MühlbergSpain 
Lutz DonnerhackeOlivier PassekGermany 
Matthieu CamusWolf Ludwig    France

PhD in Computer Science, I am IT expert on Privacy and Data Protection mainly at the CNIL, French National Commission for Information Technology and Civil Liberties.

Involved since 1996 in the Internet development, I contributed to numerous OpenSource projects as Mailman or Mozilla. Previously General Secretary of Internet Society France, I am currently Vice-chair of the french chapter.

My specific interests are focused on building technical-legal tools and recommendations on the Internet governance (right to be forgotten at European-level, accountability for private sector...).

Strong supporter of the multistakeholder representation, I work in the making of important events, such as the last At-Large Summit in London and as our annual national IGF. I wish to pursue my personal involvement in aid of our communities within the EURALO Board.

Mikhail MedrishYuliya MorenetsRussia

I'm in Internet business for about 20 years. Mainly as a CTO in ISPs. During the period from 2000 to 2014 I was a member of the Council of the Coordination Center for Russia TLDs (nonprofit organization), and two years as a Chair of the Council. From October 2014 I’m a director of the Internet Support Foundation. The Foundation finances projects on the Internet. For example, translation of IETF Journal into Russian.

In case I’m elected to the Board, I plan to initiate a process of updating the EURALO’s Articles of Association. I believe it should be revised.

Actual practices are far from the Articles of Association. Some examples. General Assembly elected a Chair of EURALO, but such role doesn’t mention in the Articles of Association. From the other side General Assembly were to elect Board and at the same time to appoint the Chair and Vice-Chair of the Board, but did not do it. By the way, not the whole Board must be elected, but only a half for 2 years. Another half must be elected next year.

Oliver PassekWerner HülsmannGermany 

Yrjö Länsipuro

Annette MühlbergFinland

As Chair of the Finnish ALS (ISOC Finland), I’m interested in continuing to serve as a member of the Board of EURALO, where I would promote ALS’s playing  a bigger role in contributing to the policy work of At Large. With a background in journalism and public diplomacy, I believe I can help enhancing the role of At-Large in ICANN and in Internet Governance. I was the Finnish GAC representative 2006-2009 and serve since 2011 on ICANN’s Nominating Committee, which I chaired 2013.

Yuliya MorenetsYuliya  MorenetsFrance

I'm interested in continuing my engagement as EURALO Board member and in bringing my experience in the field of the Information society to EURALO community and to the At-Large as a whole in order to impact the ICANN Policy Development Process. 

I entered the world of ICT and the internet in 2006 with an appointment related to legal and policy aspects of cybercrime/cybersecurity at the Council of Europe.

During the following years I accumulated extended experience in the field of policy development and legal analysis in telecommunications and the internet in developed and developing countries.

I then gained work experience in the public and private sectors, as well as in working with civil society.

My skills are related to ICT law and internet governance, project management, policy development and legal analysis, as well as international public affairs.

I'm a former EURALO Secretariat and member of the ICANN Working Groups: WHOIS and national law conflicts, 'Thick' Whois Policy Development Process, Cyrillic Generation Panel. 

I'm a former MAG member of the IGF (three terms).  

My vision is to remain a high-level professional with a smile in every circumstance.

I am fluent in English, French and Russian.



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