EURALO October 2010 Teleconference

Date: 19 October 2010

Time: 16:00 - 17:00 UTC (18:00 - 19:00 CEST). For the time in various timezones click here

Meeting Number: AL.EU/CC.1010/1

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Participants: Manuel Schneider, Olivier Crepin-Leblond, Wolf Ludwig, Annette Muehlberg, Sebastien Bachollet, Lutz Donnerhacke, Christopher Wilkinson, Adam Peake

Apologies:  Yrjö Länsipuro, Sandra Hoferichter

Staff: Matthias Langenegger, Heidi Ullrich

Summary Minutes: Summary Minutes 19 October 2010

Action Items: Action Items 19 October 2010

Recording: English

Interpretation: none

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Standing Issues:

1. Roll Call and apologies

2. Review of   (2 minutes)

3. Review of Draft Summary Minutes and Action Items from the General Assembly on 15 September (5 minutes)

4. Review of Draft Summary Minutes and Action Items from the Teleconference on 17 August (5 minutes)

5. Open Public Consultations (5 minutes)

a. At-Large Policy Advice Development Schedule

Proposed Agenda Items:

6. Review mechanism for ALS involvement in the upcoming At-Large Board Director selection (Wolf)(10 mins)

Discussion on whether the votes of the EURALO representative(s) in the At-Large Board Director election should be "guided". If so, what representation model should be employed (e.g. will there be an ALS vote on the Board candidates whose result will bind the EURALO representative(s))?

7. Discuss possible Bylaw Modifications (Wolf, Olivier, Sebastien)(20 mins)

7.1. Discuss changes to include individual members

See:Options to include individual members in EURALO Structure (wiki page)

7.2 Discuss changes on the term limits

  • Term limits of EURALO Board members
  • Term limits of EURALO Officers
See:Options to Change EURALO Term Limits (wiki page)

7.3 Discuss changes to the election timeline

See:Suggested bylaw changes to align the elections of the EURALO Board with that of the ALAC representative (wiki page)

7.4 Review of additional areas for possible Bylaw modifications (Sebastien)

See:Sebastien's comments on the EURALO Bylaws (.doc)

8. Update on the At-Large Board Selection process (Wolf, Christopher, Veronica)(10 mins)

a. Activities of the Board Candidate Evaluation Committee (BCEC)c. Next Steps
Reference documents:
Public Comment Announcement
BCEC Workspace

9. EURALO Position on Community WG Report on Implementation of GNSO New gTLD Rec 6 ()(10 mins)

The ALAC has endorsed the WG Report on Recommendation 6 on 24 September and encouraged the RALOs to submit regional Statements on the document.

Reference Documents:

Draft At-Large comment on Recommendation 6

Public Consultation Announcement

10. Recent and Upcoming Activities of ALAC (Sebastien, Patrick, Adam) (5 mins)

11. Recent/Upcoming activities of EURALO members (all)(5 mins)

12. Any other Business (5 mins)

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