Action Item from EURALO General Assembly: The EURALO leaders will submit a proposal in writing for possible Bylaw changes to the regional members. The proposed changes will include provisions to include unaffiliated members and review the term limits for Board members. They will also look into a possible alignment of all EURALO elections.

Below you find the suggested change to the EURALO Bylaws to allign the elections of the Board members and officers with that of the ALAC represenatative. You find the comments from Wolf, Olivier and Sebastien at the bottom of the page.

Sebastien proposed to realign the EURALO Board and officer elections and their mandates with that of the ALAC representative. This would have several advantages: 

- it would provide better opportunities for officers to go from one position to another as was the case in NARALO recently, when the ALAC representative and the Chair switched positions. - - all elections would take place in the same trimester, therefore freeing up some resources during the rest of the year.

According to clause 9.5.1 of the Bylaws, the terms of the Board members are currently set to start when they are elected (normally at the GA). One way align the elections and the terms with that for the ALAC representatives (and eliminate term limits for EURALO officers) could be to modify clause 9.5.1 along the following lines:

9.5 Election and period of office of the Board

9.5.1 The members of the Board shall be elected by the General Assembly for a period of up to two years, such term beginning AT THE CLOSE OF THE ICANN ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING, renewable at the pleasure of the General Assembly for not more than two consecutive terms. THE ELECTION OF THE BOARD MEMBERS SHALL BE HELD IN CONJUNCTION WITH THAT OF THE ALAC REPRESENTATIVE AND THE CHAIR AND VICE-CHAIR.

In addition to that, it is suggested to modify clause 9.6.4 as follows:

9.6 Officers of the Board

9.6.4 The term of office of the Chair, and of the Vice-Chair, shall START AT THE CLOSE OF THE ICANN ANNUAL GENERAL ASSEMBLY and last for two years from the date of their election


Olivier Crépin-Leblond: Yes - I support both of these suggestions because they really make sense. One thing I keep on hearing from people in ALSes, at meetings like IGF is that there is always so much discussion at ALAC and EURALO about *process*, and not enough about *substance* (policy). Anything that can free up our time to concentrate on policy has to beagood thing.

Sebastien Bachollet: OK for me too

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  1. Is ti the Chair and Vice-Chair or the Chair and Secretariat?

  2. Anonymous

    Christoph Bruch (Humanistische Union / German Civil Liberties Union)

    I support the suggestion to align the elections of the EURALO Board with the ALAC representative.

  3. Anonymous

  4. I assume, that the deletions are part of the different proposal "Removing terms" (Option A).