EURALO Task Force on ALS Engagement Call

Thursday, 27 September 2018 at 17:00 UTC


Notes and AIs: 


CROP Choices: 

Short list: 

Global IGF - IIII


EuroDIG - I



CROP Slots: Global IGF; SEEDIG

OCL to inform CROP Support staff today of CROP Request - submit request.

Call for nominations today with deadline on Monday COB. 

EURALO Board call on Tuesday at 18:00 UTC to vote on the candidate - 18:00 UTC ; If no quorum, then a  48 hour vote.


HU to send out the call for nominations for the CROP slot today.  Nomination should include: EOI including who they are, and a cover letter 1 paragraph of why they are interested in going on a CROP to Global IGF.

Staff to send the announcement for the EURALO Board meeting on Tuesday, 2 October at 18:00 UTC.


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