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01 October Meeting Notes/Action Items: (See Previous Meeting Notes).

Task 2 Outreach The Work Team discussed the comments from the OSC and WT members on the document sent to the OSC on 10 September. They addressed several concerns as follows.
1) Need for a Committee: With respect to the concern about the need for a Committee and possible resulting bureaucracy, the WT suggested that a larger Task Force could be created, in lieu of a Committee, but with a smaller Steering Committee. The Task Force would be large enough to allow for diversity of membership, but the inclusion of a small Steering Committee could prevent the group from becoming bureaucratic. (This also relates to a comment provided by Ron Andruff.) In addition, the Steering Committee could include representatives from Stakeholder Groups and Constituencies who are engaged in outreach efforts in those groups, to avoid duplication of effort.
2) Timing of the Committee: The Work Team also addressed the concern that the Task Force should be time-delimited but suggesting that it should be established for an initial term of 2 years followed by a review. If the review determines that the work of the Task Force should continue, its charter could be renewed annually.
3) Differences in Outreach Efforts/Principles: In addition, the Work Team suggested that to addresses concerns about differences in outreach efforts among the various stakeholder groups and constituencies, the Task Force should have some principles. These could include that 1) outreach to potential participants to the Commercial Stakeholder Groups is different from outreach to the Non-Commercial Stakeholder Groups; 2) there are communities that are not well-represented in the GNSO and outreach efforts should target these communities; 3) outreach should originate from a variety of sources, not just from stakeholder groups and constituencies.
4) Accountability/Measurement: With respect to concerns about accountability mechanisms, the Work Team suggested that the first objective of the Task Force would be to conduct a survey of existing GNSO outreach activities by the stakeholder groups, constituencies, and ICANN, including the Fellowship program. The Task Force could analyze the effectiveness of existing efforts, such as whether they have increased membership and participation, and whether fellows have continued to be active in ICANN, and used these data to determine where there are gaps in order to develop recommendations for additional outreach activities. Concerning the issue of targeting outreach to Registrar's and Registries (the language suggested by Michael), these activities could be tied to the new gTLD process.
5) Balancing Outreach Efforts: Finally, concerning the necessity for balance, while the Work Team agreed that universities are under-represented in ICANN, it noted that there should be a balance with outreach to businesses, non-governmental, and other entities. However, the Work Team added that targeting outreach to universities could be an effective way to bring in other new participants.
ACTIONS: Olga agreed to edit the document and send it to Julie to review and edit. Julie will send it to the Work Team for review and Tony agreed to help with further edits. The Work Team will review the document on the list and decide whether an additional meeting is necessary on Friday, 08 October.

Work Team Tasks:

Task 1: Enhance existing constituencies by developing recommendations on constituency participation rules, operating principles, and database of membersSubtask 1: Develop recommendations for a set of participation rules and operating procedures, which all constituencies should abide by
Subtask 2: Develop recommendations for clear operating principles for each constituency to ensure that all constituencies function in a representative, open, transparent and democratic manner
Subtask 3: Develop recommendations for creating and maintaining a database of all constituency members and others not formally a part of any constituency that is up-to-date and publicly accessible
Subtask 4: Develop a “toolkit” of in-kind staff support and/or services for all constituencies.
Task 2: Develop a global outreach program to broaden participation in current constituencies.
--Reach all current members of the ICANN community and potential members, particularly non-English speakers
--Develop global outreach programs aimed at increasing participation

Links to: Task 1 Work Plan, Constituency Operations Work Team Charter, Board Recommendation Checklist, Revised Constituency Analysis

Work Team Members:

• Olga Cavalli - Nominating Committee Appointee
• Rafik Dammak - Non-Commercial Users Constituency
• Claudio DiGangi - Intellectual Property Interests Constituency
• Chuck Gomes - gTLD Registries Constituency
• Tony Harris - Internet Service and Connectivity Providers Constituency
• Zahid Jamil - Commercial and Business Users Constituency
• S.S. Kshatriya - Individual (India)
• Victoria McEvedy - Intellectual Property Interests Constituency
• Hector Ariel Manoff - Intellectual Property Interests Constituency
• Krista Papac - Registrar Constituency
• Dr. Shahram Soboutipour - Individual (Iran)
• Michael Young - gTLD Registries Constituency
See GNSO OSC CSG Work Team SOIs.pdf

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