Charter Question 1 -  What framework (structure, process and/or partnership) should be designed and implemented to allow for the disbursement of new gTLD Auction Proceeds, taking into account the legal and fiduciary constraints outlined above as well as the existing memo on legal and fiduciary principles? As many details as possible should be provided, including any implementation guidance the CCWG may have in relation to the establishment of this framework as well as criteria for the selection / ranking of potential funding requests.

CCWG Charter Question 1 - Template - upd 16 May 2017.docx


Charter Question 3 -  What safeguards are to be put in place to ensure that the creation of the framework, as well as its execution and operation, respect the legal and fiduciary constraints that have been outlined in this memo?

CCWG Charter Question 3 - Template - upd 16 May 2017.docx


Charter Question 5 -  What conflict of interest provisions and procedures need to be put in place as part of this framework for fund allocations?

CCWG Charter Question 5 - Template - updated 4 May 2017.docx


Charter Question 7 -  Should ICANN oversee the solicitation and evaluation of proposals, or delegate to or coordinate with another entity, including, for example, a foundation created for this purpose?

CCWG Charter Question 7 - Template - Updated 4 May 2017.docx

  • Survey Results (2 July 2017 - 27 July 2017)
  • Follow Up Survey results (24 October 2017 - 2 November 2017) The CCWG decided to rerun the original survey on this charter question to determine whether positions had changed as a result of the presentation provided by Sam and Xavier at a previous meeting. 


Charter Question 11 -  Should a review mechanism be put in place to address possible adjustments to the framework following the completion of the CCWGs work and implementation of the framework should changes occur that affect the original recommendations (for example, changes to legal and fiduciary requirements and/or changes to ICANN’s mission)?

CCWG Charter Question 11 - Template - upd 16 May 2017.docx


Charter Question 2 -  As part of this framework, what will be the limitations of fund allocation, factoring in that the funds need to be used in line with ICANN’s mission while at the same time recognising the diversity of communities that ICANN serves? This should include recommendations on how to assess whether the proposed use is aligned with ICANN’s Mission. Furthermore consideration is expected to be given to what safeguards, if any, need to be in place.

CCWG Charter Question 2 - Template - upd 16 May 2017.docx

Preliminary CCWG Agreement B:

Specific objectives of new gTLD Auction Proceeds fund allocation are:

      • Benefit the development, distribution, evolution and structures/projects that support the Internet's unique identifier systems;
      • Benefit capacity building and underserved populations, and;
      • Benefit the Open Internet. [Note, the definition of Open Internet is subject to a separate conversation]

New gTLD Auction Proceeds are expected to be allocated in a manner consistent with ICANN’s mission.

Charter Question 4 -  What aspects should be considered to define a timeframe, if any, for the funds allocation mechanism to operate as well as the disbursements of funds? E.g. The timeframe for the operation of this new mechanism may provide the opportunity for long term support, or for funding to be released in tranches linked to milestone achievements, single or multiple disbursements.

CCWG Charter Question 4 - Template - upd 29 May 2017.docx

Preliminary CCWG Agreement A:

The CCWG's focus is on the funds that are currently available without any assumption that additional funds will become available. The CCWG will focus on developing recommendations that will enable the disbursement of the funds in an effective and judicious manner without creating a perpetual mechanism (i.e. not being focused on preservation of capital).

Charter Question 6 -  Should any priority or preference be given to organizations from developing economies, projects implemented in such regions and/or under represented groups?

CCWG Charter Question 6 - Template - upd 29 May 2017.docx

Charter Question 8 - What aspects should be considered to determine an appropriate level of overhead that supports the principles outlined in this charter?

CCWG Charter Question 8 - Template - upd 29 May 2017.docx

Charter question 9 - What is the governance framework that should be followed to guide distribution of the proceeds? The issues addressed by a governance framework could include (but does not have to be limited to):

a. What are the specific measures of success that should be reported upon?

b. What are the criteria and mechanisms for measuring success and performance?

c. What level of evaluation and reporting should be implemented to keep the community informed about how the funds are ultimately used?

CCWG Charter Question 9 - Template - upd 15 June 2017.docx

Charter question 10 - To what extent (and, if so, how) could ICANN, the Organization or a constituent part thereof, be the beneficiary of some of the auction funds?

CCWG Charter Question 10 - Template - upd 15 June 2017.docx

  • Survey ResultsObjectives of Fund Allocation (17 July 2017 - 26 July 2017)
  • Survey ResultsShould ICANN the organization be permitted to apply for auction proceeds funds (15 August 2017 - 23 August 2017)

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