07:03:52 From Vrikson Acosta : Greetings everyone

07:04:16 From Karel Douglas : Hi All from sunny Trinidad and Tobago

07:04:36 From Nigel Hickson : good afternoon to all

07:14:27 From Jim Prendergast : apologies as I’m in a noisy waiting room so not ideal for talking. I do have a question on HLPDC. what role,if any, will ICANN org play going forward with the next steps for this effort? and which portions of the report would they focus on. thx.

07:15:49 From Adam Peake : Message from the Parliamentarians, “Jimmy Schulz Call”

07:15:59 From Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond : Thanks @Adam

07:17:35 From Judith Hellerstein : Sorry for being late. A call I had ran over

07:18:19 From Klaus Stoll : Good question. Is that also something this group should discuss in more detail?

07:19:38 From Jim Prendergast : ok. thanks. that helpful

07:20:27 From Jim Prendergast : I agree on the outside the scope

07:22:12 From georgesadowsky : Ben, could you put the URL for the High Level Panel web site on the chat, please?

07:23:09 From Mary Uduma : I am very sorry for joining late. Was in another meeting.

07:23:19 From Mary Uduma : Hello everyone

07:23:20 From Yeseul Kim : https://digitalcooperation.org/

07:26:20 From georgesadowsky : Thanks, Yuseul. Is there just one web site, or is there a HLP+ web site also. I can't find anything new on the site you referenced. Am I missing something? Thanks

07:26:27 From Ben Wallis : this link has the list of working groups and members - https://www.un.org/en/digital-cooperation-panel/

07:27:29 From Yeseul Kim : Thanks Ben.

07:27:43 From georgesadowsky : Thanks, Ben!

07:28:46 From Jim Prendergast : it was non stop!

07:28:57 From Yeseul Kim : Very brief and casual question: Will EGGC host any sessions at Katowice? And if so, any specific plan?

07:29:27 From Nigel Hickson : Yes, new MAG; Veni continues

07:29:39 From Jim Prendergast : IGF 2020 is Nov 2-6 for your planning purposes.

07:30:05 From Yeseul Kim : Yes

07:30:06 From Yeseul Kim : EGIG

07:30:07 From Yeseul Kim : Sorry

07:31:26 From Ben Wallis : for 2020x it’s a relatively small turnover, with just 8 new members. the first MAG meeting will take place 14-16 January, with some initial decisions likely to be made about IGF 2020 (e.g. the themes which would provide a framework for the meeting)

07:32:36 From Nigel Hickson : Thanks Ben and Yeseul

07:32:48 From Yeseul Kim : Understood. Thought we might be able to contribute to the IGF+ talks but let’s see……. Thanks Olivier and Nigel.

07:35:07 From Jim Prendergast : if you are not talking. it helps to mute your phone. there are a few open lines

07:36:21 From Jim Prendergast : WRC was the big one. 4 weeks long

07:38:35 From Adam Peake : For anyone in the UK, you might contact Global Partners Digital, who are discussing how non-goat stakeholders might participate in WTSA. I do not know of any similar efforts by other governments, just UK.

07:38:58 From Judith Hellerstein : There are also an ITU Counsel WG on International Internet public policy issues which has a meeting in February and an open consultation

07:39:23 From Adam Peake : I should have written, “who are discussing with the UK govt how…”

07:43:57 From Judith Hellerstein : Veni usually tails about the cyber talks in the UN but he sent his apology

07:44:50 From Nigel Hickson : re open Consultation https://www.itu.int/en/council/cwg-internet/Pages/consultation-oct2019.aspx

07:45:55 From Sivasubramanian Muthusamy : Thank you Judith

07:46:23 From Jim Prendergast : US and Australia are also good with opening delegations

07:50:06 From Ben Wallis : I'll share with the email list the UK document that Judith just mentioned, which was a contribution to a TSAG meeting on multistakeholder delegations to ITU meetings.

07:50:33 From Yeseul Kim : https://www.thehaguecybernorms.nl/news-and-events-posts/applications-open-for-visiting-fellowships. Another related program/scholarship opportunity for the cyber norms.

07:51:04 From Nigel Hickson : https://cyberstability.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/GCSC-Final-Report-November-2019-1.pdf

07:51:40 From Judith Hellerstein : Thanks Ben. Appreciate it

07:55:11 From Judith Hellerstein : ITI Information transparency initiative

07:58:55 From Yeseul Kim : Thanks Judith. And as we’ve talked a bit about some reports, I&J also published a new report:https://form.jotformeu.com/93222419949364.

08:02:21 From Jim Prendergast : the re was a GDPR session

08:02:25 From Nigel Hickson : WSIS Forum; https://www.itu.int/net4/wsis/forum/2020/Home/Consultations

08:06:00 From georgesadowsky : Thanks for an informative session, all.

08:06:10 From Nigel Hickson : Thanks all

08:06:11 From Yeseul Kim : Thanks Desiree, Olivier and all.

08:06:14 From Mary Uduma : Bye All

08:06:21 From Vera Major : Thank you

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