The Fact Sheet captures attendance of review team members, costs associated with professional services and travel to attend face-to-face meetings, and milestones.  The Fact Sheet will be updated and posted on a quarterly basis as follows:

Quarter EndDate of FinancialsTarget Posting Date
FY17Q2December 201610 February 2017
FY17Q3March 201710 May 2017
FY17Q4June 201710 August 2017
FY18Q1September 201710 November 2017
FY18Q210 February 2018
FY18Q3March 201810 May 2018
FY18Q417 August 2018
FY19Q1August 2018**Information in this fact sheet dated 7 Sept 2018 was presented in the Final Report.
FY19Q2October 2018**Final Fact Sheet for CCT Review

Fact Sheet Definitions

Professional Services: Approved budget for the Review Team to use for services of independent experts, as noted in Bylaws Section 4.6(a)(iv): Review teams may also solicit and select independent experts to render advice as requested by the review team. ICANN shall pay the reasonable fees and expenses of such experts for each review contemplated by this Section 4.6 to the extent such fees and costs are consistent with the budget assigned for such review. Guidelines on how review teams are to work with and consider independent expert advice are specified in the Operating Standards.

Travel: Amount approved for Review Team travel for face-to-face meetings.  Examples of travel expenditures include, but are not limited to, charges for airfare, hotel, per diem reimbursement, venue meeting costs, audio-visual/tech support, catering. These expenses include RT and ICANN Org support travel.

ICANN Org Support: Amount approved in the budget for ICANN Org to contract outside services to support the work of the Review Team.

Spent to Date: Amounts include quarterly financials since inception of the work by the Review Team through the most recent quarter end.

Committed Services:

1.            Travel: Estimated expenses for approved face-to-face meetings.

2.            Professional Services: Included services from signed contracts to be provided or invoiced.  These are typically for non-employee related support services provided by contractors. 

Total Spent and Committed to Date: This is the sum of the “Spent to Date” and “Committed Services” amounts through the most recent quarter end.  The “Committed Services” amount does not include the “Spent to Date” amounts.

Remaining Budget: This is the difference between the “Approved Budget” and the “Total Spent and Committed to Date” amounts.  

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