This page provides information on the status of Advice to the Board from the Root Server System Advisory Committee (RSSAC).

The first table below lists the Board Advice with open parsed items; the second table lists all Board Advice received by the RSSAC that has been closed to date.  For detailed information about a specific item, click on the appropriate wiki page link and you will be directed to the landing page for that Board Advice item.

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Please see open Action Items assigned to the RSSAC on the Action Items: RSSAC Board Advice wiki page.


Date IssuedDate ClosedReference ID / Wiki Page LinkDocument



RSSAC000v8RSSAC Operational Procedures



RSSAC000 RSSAC Operational Procedures



RSSAC000v2RSSAC Operational Procedures v2



RSSAC000v3RSSAC Operational Procedures v3


RSSAC000v4RSSAC Operational Procedures v4



RSSAC000v5RSSAC Operational Procedures v5



RSSAC000v6RSSAC Operational Procedures v6



RSSAC000v7RSSAC Operational Procedures v7



RSSAC001Service Expectations of Root Servers v1



RSSAC002RSSAC Advisory on Measurements of the Root Server System



RSSAC002v2RSSAC Advisory on Measurements for the Root Server System v2



RSSAC002v3RSSAC Advisory on Measurements for the Root Server System v3



RSSAC002v4RSSAC Advisory on Measurements for the Root Server System v4






RSSAC003RSSAC Report on Root Zone TTLs



RSSAC004Root Server System Advisory Committee (RSSAC) Input on "Draft Proposal, Based on Initial Community Feedback, of the Principles and Mechanisms and the Process to Develop a Proposal to Transition NTIA's Stewardship of the IANA Functions"



RSSAC005RSSAC Guidance to Representatives on the "NTIA IANA Functions' Stewardship Transition Coordination Group"



RSSAC006RSSAC Statement of Scope for "Service Expectations of Root Servers"



RSSAC007RSSAC Statement of Scope for "Measurements of the Root Server System"



RSSAC008RSSAC Statement at the ICANN Accountability Town Hall During IGF 2014



RSSAC009RSSAC Statement on the Increase of the DNSSEC Signature Validity Period for the DNS Root Zone



RSSAC010RSSAC Statement of Scope for "Root Zone TTLs"



RSSAC011IAB Liaison to the RSSAC



RSSAC012RSSAC Public Comment on CCWG-Accountability Work Stream 1 Draft Report



RSSAC013Statement of Scope and Work for "History and Technical Analysis of the Naming Scheme Used for Individual Root Servers"



RSSAC014Comment to "Proposal to Transition the Stewardship of the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) Functions..."



RSSAC015RSSAC Statement on CCWG-Accountability Draft Proposal on Work Stream 1



RSSAC016RSSAC Workshop 2015 Report



RSSAC017RSSAC Statement of Work and Scope for RSSAC002 v3



RSSAC018RSSAC Statement on the Transmission of the ICG and CCWG-Accountability Proposals



RSSAC019RSSAC Workshop 2 Report



RSSAC020RSSAC Statement on Client Side Reliability of Root DNS Data



RSSAC021RSSAC Statement Concerning The Impact of the Unavailability of a Single Root Server



RSSAC022Response to the GNSO Policy Development Process (PDP) Working Group on the new Generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs) Subsequent Procedures



RSSAC023History of the Root Server System



RSSAC023v2History of the Root Server System v2



RSSAC024Key Technical Elements of Potential Root Operators



RSSAC025RSSAC October 2016 Workshop Report






RSSAC026v2RSSAC Lexicon v2



RSSAC027May 2017 Workshop Report



RSSAC029Report from the RSSAC October 2017 Workshop



RSSAC030RSSAC Statement on Entries in DNS Root Sources



RSSAC031Response to the GNSO Policy Development Process (PDP) Working Group on the new Generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs) Subsequent Procedures



RSSAC032Feedback on the Independent Review of the Root Server System Advisory Committee (RSSAC) Assessment Report for Public Consultation



RSSAC033RSSAC Statement on the Distinction Between RSSAC and Root-Ops



RSSAC034Report from the RSSAC May 2018 Workshop



RSSAC035RSSAC Statement on the Draft Final Report of the Second Organizational Review of the Nominating Committee



RSSAC036RSSAC Statement on the Draft Final Report of the Second Organizational Review of the RSSAC



RSSAC039RSSAC Statement Regarding ICANN's Updated KSK Rollover Plan



RSSAC040Recommendations on Anonymization Processes for Source IP Addresses Submitted for Future Analysis



RSSAC041RSSAC Advisory on Organizational Reviews



RSSAC042RSSAC Statement on Root Server Operator Independence



RSSAC043Report from the RSSAC April 2019 Workshop



RSSAC044Report from the RSSAC October 2019 Workshop



RSSAC045RSSAC Statement on Threat Mitigation for the Root Server System



RSSAC046RSSAC Statement on IANA’s Proposal for Future Root Zone KSK Rollovers



RSSAC047v2RSSAC Advisory on Metrics for the DNS Root Servers and the Root Server System v2



RSSAC048RSSAC Input on Second Security, Stability, and Resiliency (SSR2) Review Team Draft Report



RSSAC050RSSAC Statement on Identification of Root Server Operators



RSSAC051RSSAC Statement on Draft Public Technical Identifiers (PTI) FY21-24 Strategic Plan



RSSAC052Statement on Recommendations for an Early Warning System for Root Zone Scaling



RSSAC053Statement on IANA Naming Function Review Initial Report



RSSAC054Statement on ICANN’s Root Name Service Strategy and Implementation



RSSAC055Principles Guiding the Operation of the Public Root Server System



RSSAC056RSSAC Advisory on Rogue DNS Root Server Operators



RSSAC058Success Criteria for the RSS Governance Structure



RSSAC060RSSAC Input on Bylaws Amendments and Documents to Implement the NomCom2 Review



RSSAC001v2Service Expectations of Root Servers Operators

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