RSSAC039 was published on 7 August 2018. All RSSAC publications can be found at

Recommendation DescriptionCurrent Phase
Recommendation 1

RSSAC has heard from some members of the technical community that have expressed concern that an increase in traffic from misconfigured resolvers may occur after the October 11th, 2018 date in the rollover plan. RSSAC is not aware of any method able to estimate such a potential load increase. However, RSSAC believes that there is little risk of this occurring and that there will be no impact to the stability of the RSS even if such a load increase occurs.


Recommendation 2The KSK rollover back out plan was written in July of 2016, updated in April of 2018, and may become a critical procedure that needs to be invoked immediately in case of KSK rollover failure. This document, its procedures and triggers should be reviewed by all parties in the rollover (RSOs, RZERC, and IANA) to ensure it remains adequate and implementable. RSSAC pledges that all of the RSOs will be prepared to participate in monitoring and measuring to ensure adequate data is available upon which a rollback decision can be made.


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