The 2nd At-Large Summit (ATLAS II): At-Large Community Engagement in ICANN (R-40)

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The 2nd At-Large Summit (ATLAS II) (R-40)




ICANN should offer a process similar to the Community Regional Outreach Pilot Program (CROPP), but applicable to short lead-time budget requests not related to travel.


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ClosedPhase ChangeThis Advice Item is now Closed


Phase 5Board UpdateA letter ( was sent to the Chair of the ALAC regarding the Advice Item's progress and completion.


Phase 5Board UpdateThe Board in its 9 September 2014 resolution acknowledged the Final ATLAS II Declaration: On an annual basis, the CROPP program is reviewed and adjustments are made based on community input. Annual community special budget request process is also used to address these types of requests. This recommendation has led to greater collaboration between ALAC leadership and ICANN staff regional engagement teams. See the CROPP Page here: See ALAC workspace:


Phase 1Phase UpdateALAC published AL-ATLAS-02-DCL-01-01-EN: The 2nd At-Large Summit (ATLAS II): At-Large Community Engagement in ICANN: