RSSAC Advisory on Metrics for the DNS Root Servers and the Root Server System (R3)

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RSSAC Advisory on Metrics for the DNS Root Servers and the Root Server System (R3)RSSAC047CLOSED


The RSSAC, in collaboration with ICANN and the Internet community, should consider the following additional work:

  • For a holistic view of RSS performance, it may be desirable or necessary to include measurements for all instances of each RSI. The only reasonable way to provide for such a view would be through self-reporting. In the future, it should be considered to have each RSO perform self-reporting of the defined metrics to eliminate uncertainty of components not under the RSO’s control, and it should probably be tied to an SLA including compensation for the RSO to implement.
  • Create a reference data set.
  • Explore the financial aspects of increased accountability and how it might relate to these metrics.
  • Keeping with the provisions of RSSAC037 and RSSAC038 publish a document that advises any bodies created as part of the ongoing evolution of RSS governance on how they should interpret and act on data from the measurement systems.
  • Investigate a better long-term plan for the location of the vantage points. Such a plan would distribute the vantage points by network topology instead of geographic location.
  • Whereas the current work is based on a largely empirical model of the RSS, future versions of this document may want to take a more analytical and theoretical modeling approach.


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ClosedPhase ChangeThis Advice Item is now Closed


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Phase 3Board UpdateThe Board passed a resolution on 25 March 2021: "RSSAC047's Recommendation 3 calls for additional work in the future, so there is no action for the Board at this time. The future work would be initiated by the RSSAC (or a successor organization as a result of implementing the recommendations in RSSAC038), and would be performed in collaboration with ICANN org and the Internet community."


Phase 3Phase ChangeNow in Phase 3: Evaluate & Consider


Phase 2AP FeedbackICANN received confirmation of understanding from the RSSAC.


Phase 2Board UnderstandingICANN org understands that this recommendation is asking for additional work to be done in the future. The work would be initiated by RSSAC, and would be done in collaboration with ICANN org and the Internet community. This recommendation is to RSSAC itself.


Phase 2Phase UpdateUnderstanding was sent to the RSSAC for review.


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Phase 1Phase UpdateICANN acknowledged receipt of Advice.


Phase 1Phase UpdateRSSAC published RSSAC047: RSSAC Advisory on Metrics for the DNS Root Servers and the Root Server System Link: