RSSAC Advisory on Metrics for the DNS Root Servers and the Root Server System (R2)

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RSSAC Advisory on Metrics for the DNS Root Servers and the Root Server System (R2)RSSAC047v2



The RSSAC recommends that the official implementation of the metric system must:

a. Meet the minimum requirements specified in Section 3 of this report regarding the number, location, connectivity, and other requirements for the vantage points.

b. Publish all software related to its operation under an open source license as defined by the Open Source Initiative.

c. Make the raw measurement data available to anyone in the interest of transparency. A third party should be able to use the raw data to verify the computation of these metrics.

d. In its monthly reports, only publish threshold pass or fail indicators for each RSI, not the actual measurements or metrics used to determine the threshold pass or fail values.

e. Publicly describe its methods for collecting measurements and aggregating metrics, including the topological location of each measurement vantage point. This description should be complete enough for RSOs and DNS researchers to create their own measurement collection systems similar to those used by the official implementation.

f. Share with an RSO the underlying measurements and metrics that resulted in failure any time an RSI fails to pass a threshold test. The shared measurements and metrics must include all measurements from around the time of failure and must include all measured values for all transports and address types.


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ClosedPhase ChangeThis Advice Item is now Closed


Phase 2AP FeedbackICANN received confirmation of Understanding from the RSSAC.


Phase 2Board UnderstandingICANN org understands that this recommendation is not asking for anything at the present time, but is instead describing a later long-term service that might be implemented. The operational details of the long-term service will be described after there is sufficient experience with the initial implementation described in Recommendation 1. After initial implementation, the ICANN Board would determine how and when the official implementation will be put in place, e.g. an RFP process for a system meeting all the requirements described in RSSAC047 or a determination that the interim implementation can meet RSSAC047 requirements (including those enumerated in Recommendation 2) or another approach.


Phase 2Phase Update.Understanding sent to RSSAC for review


Phase 2Phase ChangeNow in Phase 2: Understand


Phase 1Phase UpdateICANN acknowledged receipt of Advice.


Phase 1Phase UpdateRSSAC published RSSAC047v2: RSSAC Advisory on Metrics for the DNS Root Servers and the Root Server System Link: