RSSAC Workshop 2 Report (R1)

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RSSAC Workshop 2 Report (R1)RSSAC019



Overview of RSSAC's second workshop (May 11-12, 2016). The RSSAC continued upon its previous workshops and deliberated theses, including accountability, continuity, operational and organizational evolution. The work was framed around Architecture, Evolution and Reinventing RSSAC. This provides a high-level outline of the work conducted during the two day effort.


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Phase 2AP FeedbackICANN received confirmation of Understanding from the RSSAC.


Phase 2Phase UpdateUnderstanding sent to RSSAC for review.


Phase 2Board UnderstandingThe ICANN organization understands RSSAC019 is RSSAC's report on its second workshop in which it discussed accountability, continuity, and operational and organization evolution, and that there are no actionable items for the ICANN Board.


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Phase 1Phase UpdateICANN acknowledged receipt of Advice.


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