RSSAC Statement of Scope for "Root Zone TTLs" (R1)

Date IssuedDocumentReference IDCurrent Phase


RSSAC Statement of Scope for "Root Zone TTLs" (R1)RSSAC010



This statement refers back to RSSAC003 and requests Duane Wessels to lead the Root Zone TTL work party to produce RSSAC003 - RSSAC Advisory on Root zone TTLs, with adherence to RSSAC caucus procedures.


DatePhaseTypeStatus Updates


ClosedPhase ChangeThis Advice Item is now Closed


Phase 2AP FeedbackICANN received confirmation of Understanding from the RSSAC.


Phase 2Phase UpdateUnderstanding sent to RSSAC for review.


Phase 2Board UnderstandingThe ICANN organization understands RSSAC010 describes RSSAC's scope for developing a recommendation on "Root Zone TTLs" (RSSAC003) and there are no actionable items for the ICANN Board.


Phase 2Phase ChangeNow in Phase 2: Understanding


Phase 1Phase UpdateICANN acknowledged receipt of Advice.


Phase 1Phase UpdateRSSAC published RSSAC010 RSSAC Statement of Scope for "Root Zone TTLs" Link: