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The precise technical language often found in RFCs, while often providing consistency and clarity to technical communities, can sometimes be incomprehensible or misleading when used in a non-technical setting.

The purpose of this document is to increase the understanding of terms used commonly when discussing the root server system to the broader ICANN community. It is not to redefine or provide guidance to any technical communities on the correct use of these terms. This document and its terms should be useful to anyone discussing the DNS root server system. This includes RSSAC members, RSSAC Caucus members, ICANN staff, and the larger ICANN community. It will be updated by the RSSAC as the vocabulary used to discuss the root server system evolves.


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ClosedPhase ChangeThis Advice Item is now Closed


Phase 2Phase UpdateICANN received confirmation of Understanding from the RSSAC.


Phase 2Board UnderstandingThe ICANN organization understands RSSAC026 is RSSAC's documentation of the terms commonly used when discussing the root server system to the broader ICANN community, and there is no actionable advice for the ICANN Board.


Phase 2Phase UpdateUnderstanding sent to RSSAC for review.


Phase 2Phase ChangeNow in Phase 2: Understand


Phase 1Phase UpdateICANN acknowledged receipt of Advice.


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