The working group periodically agrees that it has arrived at consensus on part of its work.  The process is as follows:

  • The group arrives at tentative consensus on a teleconference
  • The WG is notified (through the email list) that we have arrived at tentative consensus on an item and that we will be conducting a final review on the next call -- discussion on the list is encouraged
  • The item is reviewed on the next teleconference and, if it survives basically unchanged and is agreed to on the second teleconference, it is posted here

22-Sept, 2011

We agreed to a refinement of our charter that clarifies the way that we will decide what is "in scope" for our effort.  Click HERE for a link to the email in which Greg Aaron makes the proposal.  It has been accepted by the working group as of today's teleconference.

8-Dec, 2011

We agreed to use NIST 800-30 methodology as the basic framework to complete our analysis.  Here is a very high-level summary of the methodology

DSSA - NIST 800-30 Overview.pdf

3-May, 2012

We agreed on a set of Guidelines for sub-groups that handle confidential information

DSSA - WG Confidentiality Guidelines - 21 April 2012.pdf

DSSA - WG Confidentiality Guidelines - 21 April 2012.doc

12-June, 2012

We agreed on our Phase 1 Final Report


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