The DSSA has divided its work into two phases, in Phase 1 the DSSA:

  • Established a cross-constituency working group and put the organizational framework to manage that group in place
  • Clarified the system, organizational and functional scope of the effort
  • Developed an approach to handling confidential information, should such information be required for certain assessments
  • Selected and tailored a risk-assessment methodology to structure the work
  • Developed and tested mechanisms to rapidly collect and consolidate risk-assessment scenarios across a broad and diverse group of interested participants
  • Used an “alpha-test” of those systems to develop the high-level risk-scenarios in this report.  Those scenarios will serve as the starting point for the remainder of the effort

This phase of the work is complete and is now out for public comment and review by its chartering organizations.  Here are links to the final report:

DSSA - Phase 1 Report final.doc

DSSA - Phase 1 Report final.pdf 

DSSA - Phase 1 Report - Appendices - final.doc

DSSA - Report Pictures - final.pptx

The DSSA plans to incorporate public comments into the next phase of its work, which also will:

  • Perform a proof of concept to refine and streamline the methodology on one broad risk-scenario topic with the goal of reducing cycle time and making it more accessible to a broader community
  • Roll the methodology out to progressively broader groups of participants to introduce the methodology to the community and further improve the process and tools on the way to completing the assessment







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