• Gisella Gruber to work with meetings team to ask for a  catering quote from meeting team for 150 pax .
  • Siranush Vardanyan to query the APRALO ALSes on how many are planning to attend - IN PROGRESS
  • Satish Babu and Siranush Vardanyan to follow to request a letter of support to Indian ALS for accomodation and travel. SV to send the letter head.
  • Letter to include benefits, options such funding of 1 person, why should India support this.
  • Kaili Kan  to check if there is any chance to support  the Showcase financially..Explore if ISC can  host an evening event similar to "China Night".
  • 2 Budgets to be drafted by: 1) For the Showcase- staff will get catering quote   2) For the travel for Indian ALS - budget to be prepared by Satish Babu
  • Potential donors: Dot. Asia, ISC
  • Local NGOs -  Satish Babu to identify what local NGOs can come
  • When available, Gisella Gruber to provide information on schedule of  other ICANN activities (evening events, etc)
  • O/E subcommitte will meet today and to discuss Outreach in India - Ali AlMeshal to report back to the group
  • Call in 2 weeks- staff to send a doodle
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  1. I will contact ISC immediately and let you know the outcome ASAP.