1. APRALO Beijing Events planning


Hong: To organize a Multistate holder meeting – RALO

There are many ccTLD IDNs. We can invite them, and the multistate holder model is new to Asia. More an ALS event, it is not usual to approach the government.

Part of the Outreach – APRALO GA? (Hong)

There is government, Academia, ALS. How do we work in this framework

Hong: Capacity building is important, we can have panel discussion but in my mind the idea is an open dialog. APRALO will be 6 years old next year. We are equal stakeholders now.

At this stage it is premature to decide if it is capacity building or outreach.

Many people are familiar with the term multistake holder model because it has been seen in the UN context but not as an equal members.

Edmon Chung: What is the goal of the capacity building?

CLO: We need to showcase the multistake holder model. We can take a schedule module and bring people up to speed.

Heidi: Put up the Toronto session. Mentioned as an option the sessions to take place on Sunday. New comers track

Edmon: To invite more people from the outside, we should invite them

Maureen: We want to demonstrate to ALS what we are all about. Format : IGF Panel is an ideal.

AI: APRALO to reach out to ALS and find out what kind of capacity building they want.

Pavan: One of our main objectives would be to see if new ALS are recruited and participate in conference calls to be held after Beijing.


Yj: I have counted 5 different types of events, for example, fellowship and newcomers track are two events. We have the Outreach event, etc.  Please clarify what we want to do.



1)      NEWCOMERS TRACK: We tell newcomers how we operate, education about ICANN.

2)      Idea is how to Showcase how the multi-stake holder model looks like


Holly: We should look at the schedule and see where we can put

CLO: The more we segregate our activities from the main ICANN program is more expensive.

We need a “marker for APRALO”


Heidi to double check if the fellows can take a large number of people


Edmon: Showcase?  We could do a welcome reception.


CLO: This is the first meeting under the multi-stake holder model. We need to make sure that appropriate invitations

APRALO to liaise with  [ NAME VP ASIA]


Siranush: APRALO has many new members during last two years, it would be interesting to have some space devoted to each ALS, such as a wall with ALSs information posted, some kind of APRALO EXPO? Just an idea, this can be similar to showcase, but in different format


Siranush Vardanyan: by the way the EXPO can be located in the Newcomers lounge, where everyone registered can view the profiles of ALSs in APRALO

Hong: We need Chinese youngest.


CLO: Theme “ Focus to the future”


YJ Park volunteered to assist in all events.


Beijing Organizing committee: YJ PARK, Hong, CLO, Maureen, Rinalia


  1. APRALO VC Post. CLO: We have an opportunity; we have a short term vacancy which has occurred as current chair. Between now and June the new term starts. Holly’s VC stops in June. There is absolutely nothing wrong where Chair and VC also serves in the ALAC. Holly does not have to relinquish her position for this period. If there was the wish of this meeting, we could ask her if she can take over from Charles and we can do a casual vacancy for the position of one of the VC, knowing that the term will end in June.
  • Edmon: I think it makes sense if Holly can take the Chair position.
  • CLO: Is there any discomfort with this plan?
  • By acclamation we congratulate Holly interim Chair through June 2013.
  • A casual vacancy has been formed and I call for nominations and self-nomination for the VC position.
  • Nomination for YJ Park.  Maureen seconded it.

                                                               i.      YJ Park: Yes I accept.

                                                             ii.      Edmon was nominated but declined.

  • Remote participants:
  • Siranush: Congrats to Holly. I nominate Hong.
  • Rinalia: I support YJ nomination.
  • Vice Chair: YJ is the new VC by acclamation.


  1. 3.       Report from Toronto

Do they want to say something about Toronto?

Maureen: I would like to thank CLO in the ccNSO meetings. Thank you for that opportunity.

Update from Holly in a wonderful restaurant, impressive, thanked the Host. I went to a briefing in compliance, the intention is to review every single contract and make public what they find. This is a huge win for us and the statement about our meeting with compliance, we feel very positive.

Edmon: IDN Variant project. The Universal acceptance of TLD and the joint group between GNSO and CCnso are issues to keep an eye on.

Holly: RRR. There is a short term mission  to write something strong to the Board, but this has been overtaken by yersterday’s event. But there is still some ongoing work for this group.


  1. 4.       IGF on the Baku meeting

Edmon: There are few sessions we will have to participate in.

Rinalia is leading this task and those of us from APRALO.

CLO: There will be appropriate

Rinalia: Travel support has been given to 3 APRALO panelists.

Matt Asthiani will be there. Unofficially he will support APRALO, officially he will be Board support. Rinalia Abdul Rahim: Travel support is being given to 3 APRALO panelists.  We have a meeting with ICANN today at 2pm on this .


  1. 5.       Survey Update from Sala

Sala has had very little response and would like response.

Just a reminder, could everybody fill out the survey?


CLO: Under the current leadership we have exciting days ahead.
Holly: Formally thanked CLO for her work.Maureen : seconded her.

Edmon: APIGF: There is a process to select the host and there are 2 willing hosts. I was going to get APRALO’s involvement.

We would like to see a plan. We still need a process to encourage people around the table please connect with me.

Maureen would also like to be involved as host sometime.




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