Summary Minutes and AIs



a. Report on budget issues

Two requests were submitted. We have obtained the RALO leadership endorsement to have a GA.

To have an IGF Workshop to be held in Azerbaijan. There is a similar request from AFRALO, it would be a good idea to work together on this.

There was a call with ICANN finance early last week where all the requests were presented.

b. Report on WHOIS call: useful meeting. Main issue is that there is not a policy and there needs to be one. Issue of privacy and proxy were also raised. The final was on whois data and Recommendation 17 access to data. Issues raised from internationalization, access protocol, etc.. There will be a final discussion on WHOis in Costa Rica.

4. Discussion of the Inter-Registrar Transfer policy.

Has this been discussed within ALAC?

Holly to send an email on this issue.

Sala suggested to keep the subject off line.


5. Chair's report

The WG on budget request and WHois issue. Few minor action items will be in AOB.


7. Individual membership discussion

APRALO received a request from Jordan, issues were raised about relationship with government and there is no provision for individual membership in by-laws. This issue has been discussed for a long time. Individuals vs. organizational?  Do we treat individuals and organizations differently? If we are going to change the by laws, APRALO would need to know what are the procedures to do so.  Sala and Charles agreed that penetration should be increased in all the regions.

Rinalia: Some of the issues is to do due diligence, recommendations from the community. Voting is another issue. Charles would like to have a list of issues and see how other RALOs have dealt with this issue.

What was the reason for APRALO not to have individual members?

One reason is three tier strcuture: ALS. RALO, ALAC. Basic design written. Each RALO has its own rules, some individuals do not have voting rights.  NARALO : individual members have the same rights with other members. No objection to include individual members if those are active. Debate "individuals as observers", the North American model raises issues about voting rights.

For next meeting we need to come up with a couple of alternatives.

If by laws are to be changed what are the procedures? There is no objection about this so far.

Charles volunteered to work on this issue.  Sala also volunteered to work on it as well.  Hong will also assist on the by-laws issue. AI between Charles and Sala for next call.


6. ALAC Report:

Rinalia and Sala: ALAC meeting on the Armenian organization which applied for membership, waiting to be  confirmed with region. There was support from Oksana from Euralo.

Request to establish ALAC WG. Regarding concern regarding outreach andcapacity building. Sala will be given the lead.

Sala mentioned her email report on 25 of January: ICANN Academy restricted to ICANN officers and those to be meant to be part of ICANN operations.



8.  New gTLD WG objection procedures

Silvia mentioned that the new gTLDs WG will  be sending a draft document on the proposed At large objections procedures for the new gTLDs out to all the RALOs for review shortly.

There is a public comment on all new gTLDs. All the RALOs and At-Large structures will be given an opportunity to raise the hands.

Community based objection: This is important.

APRALO should be involved.

If someone is involved or aware of an internet meeting going on let APRALO know.








2. Review of AIs:


1. Informing staff about meaningfull events

2. Outreach WG: CLO:  In process

3. Dashboard: Pavan has sent email out and no response so far. If not Secretariat to work with staff.

4. To send  APRALO Brochure to certain events. Geneva next week.

5. Arabic and Chinese versions : Still in progress and will be ready certainly before Prague.

6. ROP and Metrics WG:  Most of the work will be done in WIKI.

7. IDN Variant issues, we submitted comments (update from Edmon later on)


3. ICANN Policy Issues:


 IDN Variant Issues Project

 Draft Advice Letter on Consumer Trust, Consumer Choice, and Competition

 Second Annual IDNccTLDFast Track Process Review


Hong:  IDN.- Apart from the webminar there are other activities happening to adresss this critical issue. The statement has been sent to ICANN. IDN variant issues are particularly important for the Chinese speaking community. One point is to express concern for variants. The other gTLD project. The conclusiin is that no variant TLD will be allocated. APRALO supports or add to the ALAC statement and there is an opportunity to respond to the ALAC statement.

CLO:  We have a number of unique situations in the APRALO region.


AI :  Charles to Inform Edmon and Rinalia to see at this stage what can be done within APRALO


4. Update on the ALAC rules of procedures and metrics sub group

5. No representative of the ALAC (APRALO).


OCL: We had a total of 44 meetings

AIs from the whole CR meeting

Much was achieved. Meetings with ASO/GAC and  CSG and non-commercial CGS and business constituency. Plan was to get the Regional registries to work more closely with the RALOs.

There is a great deal of work to be done within CR and Prague and APRALO is very active. It is important not to burn out our volunteers.

Several of the At-Large WG met in CR. This brought renewed involvement.



To discuss APRALO Regional rules of Procedures

To make a list of the issues that need to be changed.

AI: Follow up with CLO who may be able to work to see previously. Page to populate.

The day of the week of APRALO meeting does not have to be in the same week?

AI: Work with staff on timetable on future APRALO Elections.























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