December 2009 APRALO Report

1. APRALO is in the middle of some new ALS application, recently we had one from Korea when we were in Seoul and now we are processing ISOC Pakistan, it is in the process of due diligence at the moment. In addtion, we have another one from Hong Kong called NetMission and they will be submitting their application soon too.

2. For the voting matter, APRALO agreed that we should have a regional vote too and Cheryl would bring that to the ALAC meeting

3. Updates were given by people who were at the recent IGF meeting in Egypt, these included Cheryl and also Hong, Hong was in charge of giving some presentations too.

4. Discussions were done about the positive impact the EURALO brochures had on people in Seoul and APRALO would be working on something similar in the near future.

5. Cheryl suggested to Heidi to use the current literature we have about At-Large and then have that translated in some languages to be used for APRALO too.

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