Memorandum of Understanding with ICANN

Agreed and Final Text, as Initialled on 28 Feb 07: (MSword): MoU%20Asia%20Pacific%20RALO%20FINAL%20INITIAL%20TEXT-%20EN.doc
MoU Text as transmitted to the ICANN Office of the General Counsel: PDF: MoU%20Asia%20Pacific%20RALO%20FINAL%20-%20EN.pdf

Signed MOU

MoU Between APRALO and ICANN - Asia Pacific 2007 RALO.pdf

MoU Between APRALO and APNIC.pdf 

MoU Between APRALO and APTLD.pdf 

APRALO Rules of Procedure ROPs - Adopted 26th day of March 2014

Operating Principles

Operating Principles of the APRALO as agreed and modified in March 3rd 2009: MSWORD: Operating%20Principles%20FINAL%20-%20Amended%20March%202009.doc


Here are the documents which evolved into the final texts above. Information on what elements must be contained in a RALO MoU can be found in at this page.

Draft prepared by Staff as directed by regional representatives at Sao Paulo ICANNN discussion: MOU%20Between%20ICANN%20and%20APAC%20ALSes%20DRAFT%201%20-%20EN.doc

Edits proposed by I Aizu on 19 Dec 2006 to staff draft above: MOU%20Between%20ICANN%20and%20APAC%20ALSes%20DRAFT%201%20-%20EN%20I%20Aizu%2019DEC2006.doc

Revisions as requested in 19 Dec 2006 telcon: MOU Between ICANN and APAC ALSes DRAFT 2 - EN.doc on 4 January 2007

Revisions as requested on 7 January 2007 telcon: MoU%20Asia%20Pacific%20RALO%20DRAFT%204%20-%20EN.doc

Operating Principles for the Regional At-Large Organisation (APRALO)

RALO Operating Principles in draft form: Operating%20Principles%20No%205-C%20june26.doc



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