Action Items

1)   We need to line someone up for the outreach-working group. (Cheryl and Charles).

2)   Pavan to work with Charles regarding the dashboard issue. (Pavan and Charles)

3)   Charles to Inform Edmon and Rinalia to see at this stage what can be done within APRALO regarding the IDN Variant issue. ( Charles)

4)   Charles to work with Staff to work with staff on the voting issues for coming open positions. ( Charles) - COMPLETED

5)   Olivier mentioned to APRALO to be involved in more working groups. Charles would reach out to APRALO to encourage more participation in these working groups. ( Charles and Pavan)

6)   Staff to help start a Wiki page, with contributions, may need to be reviewed in our own regional rules of procedures. ( Charles and Pavan)

7)   APRALO to discuss to have the meeting on a different day so we have more days between APRALO meeting and the ALAC meeting. ( Charles and Pavan)

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