Siranush Vardanyan:hi, Gisella

  Gisella Gruber:Welcome to the APRALO ICANN 57 Prep call on 02 August 2016

at 06:00 UTC

  Gisella Gruber:HI Srianush

  Gisella Gruber:joining audio in 1 minute

  Kaili Kan:Hi, everybody!

  Holly Raiche:Did I request a dial out for the meeting?  It's 61 2 9436

2149 - tks

  Holly Raiche:And hello everyone

  Ali AlMeshal:Good Morining

  Siranush Vardanyan:good morning all

  Gisella Gruber:@ Holly - we are dialling out to you

  Gisella Gruber:You can scroll the page

  Maureen Hilyard:Is it OK for us as a regional organisation to send a

letter directly to a government for an ICANN activity?

  Maureen Hilyard:I think this was the reason we asked Jia Rong as the

regional lead

  Silvia Vivanco:@ Siranush APNIC or APTLD could provide some funding

  Kaili Kan:Do we want ISC to do anything?  For example, do we want them to

introduce how they work to protect consumers' interests.  Also, if we wish

them to host another "China Night", I can ask them about it.

  Silvia Vivanco:I am noting Kaili Kan idea as AI

  Kaili Kan:Anuway, ISC is of ours.

  Maureen Hilyard:But we are going to ask APNIC and APTLD  to help with our

showcase.. not to support ALSes to attend capacity building.  These are

benefits for India which could go into the letter of support from the govt

of India.. but then again they will be supporting ICANN itself for other

events as the host, so why would they give our region MORE support??

  Silvia Vivanco:Dor Asia

  Holly Raiche:We should have two categories of funds - one category for

travel for Indian ALSs, and one budget for he showcase.  DotAsia will

contributee to the Showcase - and maybe see what APNIC will do?

  Ali AlMeshal:I think such type of Support should come from ICANN , i mean

for the T&A

  Holly Raiche:Agree with Maureen - we need two budgets

  Holly Raiche:Is there money from ICANN for the Showcase?

  Siranush Vardanyan:200& from ICANN usually

  Siranush Vardanyan:1200$

  Holly Raiche:@ Satish - will there be some kind of Indian act of some

kind (dancing/music orsoemthing like that?

  Silvia Vivanco:We have 1,200$ allocated from Policy's budget

  Holly Raiche:Thanks Sivlia

  Satish Babu:@Holly, we can arrange a cultural programme...

  Holly Raiche:@ Satish - that would be great

  Holly Raiche:So the event can include something from the CEO, then

Siranush - as chair of APRALO - and then Satish to announce.

  Silvia Vivanco:Are there plans to bring local NGOs?

  Silvia Vivanco:We have 1.200 allocated for this

  Holly Raiche:@ Satish - there is a showcase budget - not sure if that is

an outreach budget

  Silvia Vivanco:No there is no outreach budget

  Holly Raiche:Do we have an idea of travel costs?

  Maureen Hilyard:@Kaili.. I think it  would be a good idea for ISC to hold

another event to highlight  the Asian/Chinese subregion - still celebrating

diversity :)

  Maureen Hilyard:Its going to be a long week... and we will need to fill

it up with some regional activity

  Holly Raiche:@ Kaili - uptil now, the cultural event is from the host

country - we can discuss doing it differently??? - what do others think?

  Holly Raiche:@ Maureen - maybe something from the Islands as well - Pua

can dance!

  Maureen Hilyard:I don't think that will be a goer..  I am looking forward

to seeing Indian dancing.. BOLLYWOOD!!

  Maureen Hilyard:@ Satish That si a good question

  Holly Raiche:We can use the 1200$ for the Indian cultural event - we

usually do only one event in the week

  Maureen Hilyard:WE need to know what events ICANN is planning

  Holly Raiche:I'd be in favour of one event for us.  If we can get other

money, maybe used for travel support

  Holly Raiche:Yes - only one evening

  Maureen Hilyard:so that we know what time is available for us to organise

our event/s

  Kaili Kan:I am not sure about donations from ISC due to China's domestic

accounting regulations.  But I can ask.

  Amir Qayyum:ICANN Staff: I am now connected through Adobe Connect. You

can disconnect me from Dial-up ...

  Holly Raiche:Let's concentrae on one evening shocase event and support

for travel/accommodation for Indian ALSs

  Maureen Hilyard:BUT the partners will want to know what they are paying

for.. so the budget is important so that they can see where their money is


  Maureen Hilyard:Invitation only ...

  Holly Raiche:@ Maureen - agree

  Gisella Gruber:We are dialling out to Amir again

  Kaili Kan:According to likeliness of what ISC will be willing to do, I

would think the order is:  introduce ISC's operation on protecting consumers

(show case?), China Night, donation to APRALO

  Gisella Gruber:Apparently we are expecting 4000 participants. I think we

need to plan on 150 and I will ask for a quote

  Satish Babu:Gosh....4000! That must be one of the largest ICANN events


  Ali AlMeshal:sorry i need a dail out my interent is disconnecting

  Maureen Hilyard:@Kaili... at the China Night... ISC could present their

speech to showcase their schievements.. nothing wrong with that. They will

offer their own drinks etc after the formalities

  Siranush Vardanyan:agree, Maureen, China night wil be a second event

  Maureen Hilyard:As Holly said, it would be separate from our regional

showcase which is about an overall presentation - as we do

  Siranush Vardanyan:focused on CHina. Kaili, if u can discuss this

opportunity with ISC - that would be great

  Gisella Gruber:Ali is back on the phone bridge

  Silvia Vivanco:6. 2 Budgets to be drafted by :1)  For the Showcase- staff

will get catering quote2)  For the travel for Indian ALS - budget to be

prepared by Satish.

  Silvia Vivanco:Noted as Action Items

  Holly Raiche:thanksd Silvia

  Maureen Hilyard:@Ali +1

  Maureen Hilyard:EXactly..

  Satish Babu:Agree

  Holly Raiche:2?atish - can you help with information on costs for travel

for ALSs

  Satish Babu:Sure Holly...I'll prepare a draft budget...

  Satish Babu:One issue may be hotel rooms...we may need to block rooms

ASAP with 4000 delegates coming in

  Maureen Hilyard:WE can start drafting our budgets and some ideas of what

we want to do and how much they might cost - is there anything we can get

for free??

  Holly Raiche:Maybe anothr call in a couple of weeks when we have more


  Satish Babu:@Kaili, can we combine the Reception + ISC Presentation +

Dinner in one event?

  Maureen Hilyard:@Kaili.. China Night would be anything that ISC wants to

do.. it will be their night. We would like to be involved somehow, but not

to upset what they might want to do. as long as they keep us in the loop and

we can include it into our programme of events

  Holly Raiche:Maybe i as part of the outreach, ICS can be included in the

outreach program rather than have a separte event?

  Maureen Hilyard:Yes true Holly... A China night could be considered an

outreach event.. especially if they want to make a short presentation of

their achievements.

  Satish Babu:I suggest a follow-up call in two weeks if possible...

  Maureen Hilyard:Meeting in two weeks would be good

  Holly Raiche:Agree - the firststep - and soon -  is to seek money for the

Indian ALSs -so the APRALO letter.  Maybe also ask APNIC/APTLD

  Ali AlMeshal:Agree for the meeting in 2 weeks

  Holly Raiche:I think 2 weeks so we can follow up on travel

  Maureen Hilyard:I'd like a short presentation from our local ALSes.. it

would introduce them to the APRALO and wider community which could engage

them a little more

  Silvia Vivanco:are you planning to invite local NGOs? and what about

capacity building

  Maureen Hilyard:Yes Satish.. how about the capacity building programme

you were planning for local NGOs

  Maureen Hilyard:as per AFRALO

  Holly Raiche:Capacity building would be great

  Siranush Vardanyan:Maureen

  Holly Raiche:@ Kaili - it would make sense for ICS to be part of the

outreach activities?

  Siranush Vardanyan:go ahead, while the staff is dialing me out

  Siranush Vardanyan:i am dropped

  Gisella Gruber:Siranush - we are dialling out to you

  Siranush Vardanyan:thanks

  Siranush Vardanyan:back

  Siranush Vardanyan:dropped again

  Siranush Vardanyan:droppe again

  Maureen Hilyard:We have also got our mentees whom we can second as

organiser-assistants as well

  Siranush Vardanyan:need a dial out

  Maureen Hilyard:VERY comfortable

  Ali AlMeshal:agree

  Siranush Vardanyan:excellent summary, Holly

  Maureen Hilyard:Good on you Holly...

  Siranush Vardanyan:just as a note, i will be on vacation from 4-15 of


  Satish Babu:Lost my line...

  Siranush Vardanyan:but will be seeing my e-mails and chcek from time to


  Siranush Vardanyan:so, will be in touch

  Siranush Vardanyan:and let's plan another call by the end of August

  Siranush Vardanyan:not 2 weeks

  Silvia Vivanco:Staff will send a doodle for a call in 2 weeks

  Maureen Hilyard:Very productive meeting thanks everyone.. c u in two

weeks time

  Siranush Vardanyan:sorry, I am not connected

  Silvia Vivanco:in the meantime you can add updates on the wiki page

  Siranush Vardanyan:i need a dial out

  Siranush Vardanyan:in order to be able to speak

  Gisella Gruber:Siranush - sorry about this

  Gisella Gruber:dialling again

  Siranush Vardanyan:ok

  Maureen Hilyard:Again VERY comfortable

  Maureen Hilyard:See y'all

  Siranush Vardanyan:+ 1 being comfortable

  Amir Qayyum:Thank you. Bye bye.

  Kaili Kan:Thanks, bye!

  Siranush Vardanyan:thank you all, sorry I was not able to talk

  Siranush Vardanyan:at the end of the call

  Gisella Gruber:Siranush - we will speak after 15th August when you are


  Satish Babu:Bye

  Siranush Vardanyan:because the line was dropped

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