Participants: Darlene Thompson, Sylvia Herlein Leite, Tijani Ben Jemaa, Wolf Ludwig, Dev Teelucksingh
Apologies: Pavan Budhrani, Wolf Ludwig
Absent: Fouad Bajwa
Staff: Matthias Langenegger

Review of Action Items from the last Call

AI: All regional representatives will submit a regional report which will be compiled into one final At-Large survey report. There should be a regional summary for each one of the questions with the following heading: Question and subheading: Analysis, Recommendation.
ONGOING: 3 out of 5 regions completed the report

AI: Dev will develop a template for the regional Survey report and send it to the list.

AI: Dev will confirm with Fouad that he can be on the next call on November 24th at 1300 UTC.

AI: Dev will set up a Skype chatroom for the members of the Survey WG

Dev: I will work on the recommendation over the weekend and post the recommendations to the list or to the Skype chat.

AI: Staff will follow up with Wolf and Fouad and remind them that the RALO reports should be submitted before the end of the weekend.

Dev: With regards to the recommendation on the first question, there seems to be a consensus between LACRALO and AFRALO that each ALS should have three contacts.

Tijani: an organisation with only one representative is just an individual member
Sylvia: agree with Tijani

Darlene: I have a different point of view on that, a representative is just a point of contact. It would not be realistic to ask for three active members per ALS.

Dev: in our recommendation, should we say we encourage the ALSes to provide more than one contact.

Tijani: we will not have time to go through all the recomemendations during the call. We should prepare the draft recommendations and have it adopted by the members of this working group. The final report can also list diverging views.

Dev: For the Survey presentation in Brussels, I had one slide for each question with a regional breakdown.

Tijani: we should have a slide for each questions and then one page with recommendations adopted by the WG.

Tijani: We should also recommend to have another survey.

Dev: We will need spend some more time preparing the questions. The work on the new survey should start in the second half of 2011.

Tijani: We will need to start early with the design of the study to ensure the questions are prepared carefully max participation. We could already suggest a timelines.

4st Q 2011: look at design of survey
1st Q 2012: conduct survey

AI: Dev will prepare the draft final recommendation report by Tuesday 30 November.

The regional reports will be added to the final report as an appendix.

Tijani: in the final report, there should be a recommendation for each question. If a region has a different view, it will be noted in the report.

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