The current Operating Principles set the Quorum as follow:

  • A quorum at any AFRALO Meeting shall be one third (1/3) of the Members, or seven (7) members, whichever shall be greater. 
  • The quorum for any vote of the members, whether held during a Meeting or at any other time, shall be a simple majority of the whole Membership.
  • At any meeting where at least one half (1/2) of members are present, a motion to amend, change, or repeal the Operating Principles may be initiated. Two-thirds of the whole membership must consent for the motion to carry.

I don't think we can accept that a meeting can be quorate with only 7 members are attending over the 52 today total number of AFRALO ALSes. I believe that we should stick to 1/3 (which is today 18 members).

For the record, this quorum is for the meeting to deliberate. The decisions will be taken by simple majority of the whole membership (today 26 over 52) .

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  1. The idea is tenable and will be justified by the dynamism of the participating members. This procedure can also be used as evaluation indicators.

  2. A proposal with regard to the quorum
    I propose:
    1. a statistic is drawn up to know the total number of Als since Afralo's existence;
    2.End the Active Als since the existence of Afralo and the Inactive Als
    3. initiate the procedure of decertification in the case where the concerned Als is not explained.
    This will make it possible to specify the required quorum.

  3. Based on the report(meeting statistics) provided by staff we only have just one of the meetings having about 15 ALSes in attendance in the last 6 months. This imply that we may never have the opportunity to make any decision if the above rule was applied. So while I am fine with what is written above, I will suggest a little flexibility. In a situation where simple majority is not achieve but where we have quorum the decision will carry on but will be pending implementation unless it's opposed by equal number of ALSes present during the meeting. I suggest a 72hrs window be allowed for this. Regards
  4. When this review is adopted: 

    •  we will have more participation because our ALSes will try not to be in the standby situation that may lead to the decertification
    •  Several of the current ALSes will be decertified because they never show up except when there is a travel support. Some of them even didn’t respond to our call for the General Assembly in Johannesburg.
    •  We have today 52 Accredited ALSes. We can have a valid meeting (or call) with 18 attendees (for a Quorum of 1/3). when we come to a critical decision, we will need to vote. So the decision of the meeting (or the call) will be to vote. Any vote will be conducted electronically to permit to all members, present at the meeting or absent, to participate in the decision making. The electronic vote take generally one week. We manage to have 50%+ since if we notice a poor participation, we contact those who didn’t vote yet and urge them to do. 
  5. May I suggest we modify to the following, just to ensure we hold a meeting: A quorum at any AFRALO Meeting shall be one third (1/3) of the Members, or two (2) members from each 5 regions of Africa, whichever shall be greater.