The idea to organize a joint meeting for the African Regional At-Large Organisation (AFRALO) and AfrICANN developped shortly after the ICANN Nairobi meeting in early 2010. In the context of the global discussion on New gTLDs, the African ICANN participants wanted to formulate and publish an African position on new gTLDs reflecting the positions of all African stakeholders.

The first joint meeting, held at the ICANN Brussels meeting in June 2010 proved to be a great success and led to a second joint event at the ICANN Cartagena meeting in December 2010. In addition to a follow up on new gTLD developments, the second meeting focused on ways to strenghten ICANN's volunteer model.

The Third joint meeting will be held at the ICANN San Francisco meeting in March 2011. Its key topic will be the possible revision of ICANN's geographic regions.

Joint AFRALO/AfrICANN Meetings

2013 Meetings

20 November 2013 - Buenos Aires

17 July 2013 - Durban

10 April 2013 - Beijing

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Joint AFRALO/AfrICANN WG Statements

AFRALO/AfrICANN Preparatory Meetings:

  • 21 May 2010
  • 07 May 2010

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The At-Large brochure will be distributed during the joint AFRALO/AfrICANN meeting. You may review it under:

Milestones, Members and Mission of WG to prepare the joint AFRALO/AfrICANN meeting in Brussels


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I think it will be good to have Mohamed, Dave and Hawa if they are available. We can discuss this tonight.


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