Background and Scope of work  : The Leadership of AFRALO considered the comments that were made with regards to review of our rules of procedure and we are hereby proposing a 2 phase approach to reviewing the RoP, the first phase will address the specific aspect of our RoP to bring some clarity certain section of the current rules of procedure.

The first phase of the review shall focus on the following:

-    Provide clarity on the nomination process including who can be nominated and who can nominate
-    Provide further clarity on the ALS accreditation process including timelines
-     Address any other editorial changes that could make the RoP much comprehensible

The report of phase 1 and draft RoP shall then be presented at our upcoming GA for members consideration and approval. Feedback shall also be provided by members on further improvements that can be made to serve as input for phase 2 review of the RoP.

Mailing List : 

ROP Google doc:

Matogoto Jabera voluntereed to be a penholder on Friday April 19.

Members 2023 

Isaac Maposa (Co-Chair)
Abdeljalil Bachar Bong (Co-Chair)

Jacob Odame-Baiden 

Caleb Olumuyiwa Ogundele

Michel Tchonang (tick)

Jules Nizeyimana
Philip Fomba Johnson
Seun Ojedeji
Emmanuel Mfitumukiza 

Remmy Nweke 

Barrack Otieno
Pastor Peters Osawaru
Mutegeki Cliff 
Hadia Elminiawi 
Raymond Mamattah (tick)
Gbééré Achille Eye (tick)
Jabhera Matogoro (tick)

Olévié Kouami (tick)

Thoko Miya (tick)

Annett Bonuke (tick)

Innocent Adriko (tick)

Fatou Sarr (tick)

Adebunmi Akinbo (tick)

Hervé Hounzandji (tick)

Sarata Omane 

Ines Hfaiedh (tick)

Raïhanath Gbadamassi (tick)

Bukola Oronti (tick)

Allan Magezi (tick)

Vernatius Okwu Ezeama (tick)

Mohammed Awal Alhassan (tick)

Frank Anati (tick)

Chokri Ben Romdhane (tick)

Martha Alade (tick)

Amara Baba

Esther Patricia Akello (tick)

Tatiana Houndjo (tick)

Lavish Mawuena Mensah (tick)

Maud Adjeley Ashong Elliot 

AFRALO Rules of Procedures Working Group Webinar  - Monday, 29 January 2024

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