Steve Crocker: ICANN is a complicated place to participate for people from all over the world. One of the things that comes from this interaction is to learn from each other. We need to understand more the African community. Tell us the things that you think we need to know. The AFRALO summit was a historic first and enormeoulsy successful. And now the LatinAmerican region has followed this example.  He applauded the AFRALO initiative and leadership. Wished AFRALO great success in the meeting.

Tijani: Presentation of the Applicant; when the program of gtld was initaited the cost for apllicants was so high that the community criticez that the programn was for rich people and the African community worked on this issue. The last meeting of the board during the Naorobi meeting there was a resolution which announced that applicants shoud receive support. A working group JAS was formed and it has worked  for a long time. The Final report and recommendations of the WG was to reduce the cost for people who needed financial support. The board accepted support and decided reduced the cost of the applications for applications who meet creiteria.

The board allocated 2 million $ for this issue and formed a group made of 5 persons from the community and staff.

There is a problem of outreach and communication. It is difficult to support people who do not know this program exists.

Statement of the ICANN African Community on the New gTLD applicant support program was read by  Aziz hilali.

The floor was opened for comments:

Pascal: The closing date will be postponed and he does not know the outcome of that declaration. For the new gTLD program, maybe we can make a proposal so that the funds can be allocated to other people

[Karin?} Would like to add that if the date will not be postponed, the GAC has a lot of evaluation to be done we need to enforce the role of the states, so we can react before the problem.

Jean Jacques: ICANN will have revenue,new funds coming from the new gTLD domain names, potentially hundreds of millions of dollars. We need to know if that will be integrated into ICANN budget. Or if an independent fund will be created to dedicate this money for special projects. This will be a way to use the revenue correctly. This is work that will be done in the future.  There must be a long term vision. The request must be well structure. He mentioed [Katin Toure[], we were together in the ICANN board. He wants to recognize the role that he played.

Tarik: 2 million $ is not enough and 14 applications is not enough for developing countries as well as experts. It will prevent others from developing countries from applying this will make only those in real need to apply. He propopses that  the part rejection  of the statement that refers to rejection is a plus

Paying money back: Might cause a legal problem.

Andrew: This has been a tremendous effort. He agrees that 2 million $ is an embarassing amount of money, as well as the amount of outreach, nobody knows this is happening. We need to push ICANN. With reference to the ideas of qualificaion for financial needs, suggestions would be welcomed. The suggestion is to push the program out, the gaming concern was overstated. There will be a need to have people to participate in this program. Raise the volume around the JAS.

Yaovi: Statement is fine but suggestion is to look at the past.

Small group to look at the last paragraph.

Tijani: People who do not get funded because the lack of money they will be refunded except for the 5,000 $. If application was made for gaming, then it can be decided not to refund you at all.

Grace: Supported statement, question: the idea of outreach of the support program, but do we have an outreach challenges, can we be proactive?

Fatimata: How  as africans we can reach out to people?

At ICANN we have few people dedicated to this issue. Ann Rachel (ICANN Staff), if Africa is proactive ICANN is receptive.

Mary: CANN has an strategy to speak to the African region? We do not have ICANN presence in the region. Region is predominantely regulated by government. We need to involve our government. Most ccTLD are still with the government. ICANN needs to be visible in the region and devote more resources in the region. 1) Comunicarion staret 2) Presece and 3) Devoting more resources; 4) Get business people.

Fatimata: I woudl like Derrick and Marry to draft their proposal. bIs

Tijani: This first round, all of the interesting names will be taken. In the second round, all of the names will be taken. We also need to ensure funding is available to all.

Mohamed El Bashir: Presentation given -

Cheryl - We need to ensure a mature response and Statement

Jean-Jacques - I suggest that we lean on the previous point made by Tijani. Looking at ICANN's growth, we can see how much of the well-intended intentions are necessary.

ICANN Staff should seek to be more diverse and to add resources to ICANN Staff in Africa (i.e. Anne-Rachel)

Mary: The new incoming CEO should hire the VP of Africa, not Rod Beckstrom.

Aziz: I recommend that we add's Jean-Jacques proposals to the Statements. 

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