Gisella Gruber-White:Welcome to the AFRALO/AfrICANN Meeting in Costa Rica

  Gisella Gruber-White:Wednesday 14 March at 14h local

  Matt Ashtiani 2:Hello, my name is Matt Ashtiani and I am the At-Large Coordination Officer. During this meeting, I will be monitoring this chat room. In this role, I am the voice for the remote participants, ensuring that they are heard equally with those who are “in-room” participants. Please note that I will only be able to read your comment/question within the time set by the Chair of this session; I will not be able to read your comment or question on the mic if they are sent after the session/subject is closed by the Chair. The chat rooms are the virtual meetings for everyone, in-room and remote. When submitting a question that you want me to read out loud on the mic,  please start with a <QUESTION> and end with a “</QUESTION>”. Text outside these quotes will be considered as part of “chat” and will not be read out loud on the mic.Please note that chat sessions are being archived and follow the ICANN Expected Standards of Behavior:

  Gabriel Santacroce:Hello,the volume of the audiocast español  is very low,thanks

  Gisella Gruber-White:We will look into this - thank you

  Heidi Ullrich:Technical staff are working to solve this issue.

  Gabriel Santacroce:thanks,

  Heidi Ullrich:Is the volume better?

  Gabriel Santacroce:no

  Matt Ashtiani 2:A copy of the current presentation can be downloaded here -

  Matt Ashtiani 2:The session is now closed.

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