MilestoneDateTime (UTC)
BCEC Meeting to discuss Trial Detailed EvaluationThu 17-Nov-162100
Deadline for submission of EoIs    Fri 18-Nov-16   2359
BCEC commences Initial Evaluation Sat 19-Nov-16 2359
BCEC complete scoring for Initial EvaluationFri 25-Nov-162359
BCEC Meeting to consider Initial Evaluation Mon 28-Nov-16 2100
BCEC commences Detailed EvauationMon 28-Nov-162359
BCEC publishes List of All CandidatesTue 29-Nov-162359
Deadline for submission of References   Fri 2-Dec-16   2359
BCEC Meeting to consider adding Candidates to Shortlist, discuss any questions or clarifications, discuss progress of Detailed Evaluation  Mon 5-Dec-16  2100
BCEC Members complete Detailed Evaluation First PollThu 8-Dec-161859
Staff close First PollThu 8-Dec-161900
BCEC Meeting to discuss Detailed Evaluation First Poll  Thu 8-Dec-16  2100
BCEC Meeting to discuss progress of Detailed Evaluation and Referee ContactMon 12-Dec-162100
BCEC Members complete Detailed Evaluation Second PollThu 15-Dec-161859
Staff close Second PollThu 15-Dec-161900
BCEC Meeting to discuss results of Detailed Evaluation and agree BCEC Slate of Candidates Thu 15-Dec-16 2100
BCEC Meeting to confirm material prepared by Staff for announcementMon 19-Dec-162100
BCEC announcement of BCEC Slate of CandidatesThu 22-Dec-16?
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