ATLAS II Thematic Group Allocation


Thematic Group Leadership Teams

IMPORTANT: Please click on the individual thematic group titles to see their leadership teams as well as abstracts and questions to be addressed.


Thematic GroupSelected Subject Matter ExpertsSession ModeratorAssistant Session ModeratorSession ReporterAssistant Session Reporter
Thematic Group 1: The future of multistakeholder models
Adam PeakeLeon SanchezRafid Fatani  Evan Leibovitch 
Thematic Group 2 on the Globalization of ICANN
Rinalia Abdul Rahim and Roberto Gaetano (jointly)Cheryl Langdon-OrrSeth ReissCarlton Samuels 
Thematic Group 3: Global Internet: The User Perspective

Jean-Jacques Subrenat and Fatima Cambronero (jointly)Wolf LudwigGunela AstbrinkGlenn McKnightJudith Hellerstein
Thematic Group 4 on ICANN Transparency and Accountability
Avri Doria and Hong Xue (jointly)Holly RaicheChester SoongAlan Greenberg 
Thematic Group 5: At-Large Community Engagement in ICANN

Olivier Crépin-Leblond, Murray McKercher and

Stéphane Van Gelder (jointly)

Dev Anand TeelucksinghAllan SkuceFouad Bajwa Konstantin Kalaitzidis 

Responsibilities of the Thematic Group Leadership Teams:

Subject Matter Experts will provide background information about the topics discussed in your group. They will answer any question you have about the topics and give you some of the history and facts. They are here to help you.


Moderators will facilitate the discussion among the participants in the group and to stimulate good debate and discussion. The Moderators will also be making sure the group progresses in its discussions and conclusions.

See: ATLAS-II_moderation-criteria.pdf

Reporters/Rapporteurs will listen to all of the discussions and their responsibility will be to work with the group in drafting a final Statement that the group will be designing.

See: ATLAS-II_reporting-criteria.pdf


Notes from Christopher Wilkinson concerning all Thematic Groups.

Coordination calls:

Friday, 06 June 2014

Friday, 30 May 2014