Policy and Implementation Principles Criteria from Chuck Gomes 3 Dec 13

The following criteria are proposed for evaluating proposed P&I principles.

Principles should:

  1. Be of a general, foundational nature that provide a basis for more specific decisions and recommendations
  2. Assist the P&I WG in fulfilling its charter including but not limited to some or all of the following:
    1. Developing a framework for implementing GNSO policy
    2. Developing criteria to be used to determine when an action should be addressed by a policy process and when it should be considered implementation
    3. Developing guidance on how GNSO Implementation Review Teams, as defined in the PDP Manual, are expected to function and operate
    4. Developing recommendations for the WG Initial and Final Reports
    5. Providing a clearer understanding of the potential goals and end states of the PDP and any alternatives to the PDP
    6. Providing a better understanding of the transition between policy and implementation stages, with expected outcomes from each
    7. Providing a framework for implementation work that is predictable, consistent, efficient and timely and that includes appropriate multi-stakeholder feedback
    8. Providing guidance on how feedback from the policy apparatus is needed in the implementation process
    9. Developing mechanisms to adjust policy in response to learning from implementation
    10. Answering the charter questions under the heading ‘ The WG may find the following questions helpful for completing the work
    11. Analyzing  results of previous approaches to implementation of GNSO policy development
    12. Recommending changes to ICANN Bylaws and/or GNSO policy procedures
  3. Provide guidance to GNSO policy and implementation related discussions including but not limited to:
    1. Deciding whether to initiate PDPs
    2. Functioning of GNSO WGs
    3. Deciding whether to approve policy recommendations
    4. Functioning of Implementation Review Teams
  4. Provide guidance to the ICANN Board regarding approval and implementation of GNSO policy recommendations