Sub-Team Members

  • Greg Shatan
  • Cheryl Landon-Orr
  • Tim Ruiz
  • Tom Barrett
  • Alan Greenberg
  • Avri Doria
  • Chuck Gomes
  • Nic Steinbach
  • Michael Graham
  • J. Scott Evans

Mailing list archives:

The sub-team is expected to develop these working principles by reviewing:

  • What guidance do ICANN core values (Bylaws Article 1, Section 2 - directly provide with regard to policy development work and policy implementation efforts? (e.g., multi-stakeholder participation)
  • What guidance do other ICANN Core values provide that relate indirectly to policy development and policy implementation? (e.g., effective & timely processes)
  • Questions for discussion contained in the Policy versus Implementation Draft Framework prepared by ICANN Staff
  • Review GNSO WG Guidelines and PDP Manual to identify possible existing principles (explicitly or implicitly)
  • Review proposed principles in staff discussion paper (see Proposed Principles from staff discussion paper.doc)


For review:


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