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Title of Proposed Activity  



Tribal Ambassadors Pilot Project



Community Requestor Name



Alan Greenberg

ICANN Staff Community Liaison


Heidi Ullrich





request description



1. Activity: Please describe your proposed activity in detail

On behalf of tribal communities across the United States, Native Public Media (NPM) respectfully requests your consideration of the Tribal Ambassadors Pilot Project (Project).  The Project addresses the digital divide throughout Indian Country in the United States by enhancing ICANN’s outreach to Native American stakeholders.  Specifically, the Project aims to generate increased awareness and understanding of educational opportunities available for internet governance development within un-served and underserved tribal communities, in addition to advocating for intergovernmental digital communication policies that are responsive to the unique perspectives and characteristics of Native communities. 


An ambassadorship opportunity for one student at one ICANN conference with two adult coaches will help NPM to protect and advance the rights of tribal communities in the digital age will facilitate that Native Americans have a voice at the ICANN policymaking table.


2. Type of Activity : e.g. Outreach - Education/training - Travel support - Research/Study -  Meetings - Other

NPM requests Project support from ICANN to cover travel, lodging and such other associated costs to ensure the successful participation of the Tribal Ambassador and coaches.


3. Proposed Timeline/Schedule: e.g. one time activity, recurring activity

ICANN57 (18th AGM) San Juan, NA

29 Oct - 4 Nov 2016

San Juan






  request objectives




1. Strategic Alignment. Which area of ICANN’s Strategic Plan does this request support?

This Project supports ICANN’s 2016—2020 Strategic Plan goal 1.2 to bring ICANN to the world by creating a balanced and proactive approach to regional engagement with stakeholders.  NPM supports ICANN’s aspiration to reach out and include individuals from un-served or underserved Tribal communities in order to maximize ICANN’s program and engagement effectiveness.


2. Demographics. What audience(s), in which geographies, does your request target?

American Indian Tribes and Alaska Native Villages, Indian Country, USA


3. Deliverables. What are the desired outcomes of your proposed activity?

Building upon NPM’s commitment to creating healthy digital ecologies within tribal communities, the Tribal Ambassador will deliver on three explicit objectives. 


1) NPM will recruit one Tribal Ambassador for the Project.


2) Two coaches (one Tribal/one ICANN) will chaperone the ambassador at the San Juan ICANN conference, maximizing the educational opportunity of the student participant.  The Tribal coach will ensure that capacity building in Internet governance is tethered to Native Nation building efforts; while the ICANN coach will ensure that the ambassador’s experience is maximized during the conference.


3) A report for Tribal media related to digital communications policy development in tribal communities that is reflective of the Native American priorities and perspectives will be produced by the ambassador.


4. Metrics. What measurements will you use to determine whether your activity achieves its desired outcomes?

  1. Successful election and participation of student ambassador in the 2016 San Juan ICANN conference.
  2. Coaching report provided by the Tribal and ICANN coaches.
  3. Media report produced by Tribal Ambassador.






Resource Planning – incremental to accommodate  this request

Staff Support Needed (not including subject matter expertise):




Costs basis or parameters

Additional Comments
















Subject Matter Expert Support:

ICANN Coach:  ICANN expertise, telecommunications, leadership

Tribal Coach:  Tribal telecommunications, Tribal sovereignty, leadership

Technology Support: (telephone, Adobe Connect, web streaming, etc.)


Language Services Support:




Travel Support:


3 Airfare X 3 (Tribal Ambassador, Tribal coach, ICANN coach)

Lodging X 6 nights X 3 ( 29 Oct - 4 Nov 2016 ) (Tribal Ambassador, Tribal coach, ICANN coach)

Meals X 7 days ( 29 Oct - 4 Nov 2016 )


Please note that if the FY17 Special Request for a NARALO General Assembly is approved, the travel support for this project will be subtantially reduced.


Potential/planned Sponsorship Contribution:

Native Public Media Contribution:

Ground transportation (Tribal Ambassador and Tribal coach)  $600

Baggage Fees  (Tribal Ambassador and Tribal coach)  $100

Production studio fees including editing @$100 per hour X 8 = $800

Recorder  $600

TOTAL $2100