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ccNSO Members Meeting • ICANN63 • Barcelona (ES)

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DAY 1 • Tuesday, 23 October 2018 • Room TBC


ccNSO Members Meeting: Introduction | Session chair: Katrina Sataki (.lv)

  • Opening and welcome. Katrina Sataki (.lv)
  • Welcome by the local ccTLD manager. Jesus García Tello (.es)
  • ccNSO Members Meeting highlights. Alejandra Reynoso (.gt)

ccNSO Working Group Updates | Session chair: Alejandra Reynoso (.gt)

  • Guidelines Review Committee (GRC). Katrina Sataki (.lv)
  • Study Group on the use of emoji as second level domains. Peter Koch (.de)
  • Cross-Community Working Group (CCWG) new gTLD Auction Proceeds: public comments on the initial report. Ching Chiao (ccNSO appointed co-chair)
10:15-10:30Coffee break

Policy Session | Session chair: Patricio Poblete (.cl)

  • Update Empowered Community Administration (ECA). Stephen Deerhake (.as)
  • Update PDP-retirement WG. Stephen Deerhake (.as)
  • New gTLD Subsequent Procedures PDP. Work Track 5: current state of affairs, followed by related topics from WT1 to 4. Annebeth Lange (.no), Katrina Sataki (.lv)
  • IDN ccTLD recommended policy review. Bart Boswinkel (ccNSO), Katrina Sataki (.lv)

Review Session | Session chair: Mirjana Tasić (.rs)

  • Update on the 2nd ccNSO Organisation Review, community consultation by the independent examiner. Kristy Buckley, Mallorie Bruns (Meridian Institute)
  • Update by the NomCom Review Implementation Planning Team (IPT). Tom Barrett
12:00-13:30Lunch break

Joint meeting: ccNSO & GAC [ Room TBC ]

  • agenda available soon

Q&A ccNSO Council election candidates | Session chair: TBC

  • Africa
  • Asia-Pacific
  • Europe
  • Latin America & Caribbean
  • North America
15:00-15:15Coffee break

IANA Naming Function session | Session chair: Abdalla Omari (.ke)

  • Customer Standing Committee (CSC) update. Byron Holland (.ca)
  • Root Zone Evolution Review Committee (RZERC) update. Peter Koch (.de)
  • Public Technical Identifiers (PTI) update. Kim Davies (ICANN)
  • PTI Board update. Lise Fuhr, Wei Wang

CSC Effectiveness Review Session | Session chair: Debbie Monahan (.nz)

  • IANA Function Review (IFR) update. Trang Nguyen (ICANN)
  • CSC Effectiveness Review: ccTLD community consultation. TBC

Impact GDPR and ccTLD perspective | Session chair: Peter Vergote (.be)

  • General overview. Peter Van Roste (CENTR)
  • Case study 1 & 2. TBC

DAY 2 • Wednesday, 24 October 2018 • Room TBC


TLD-OPS Session | Session chair: Barrack Otieno (AfTLD)

  • disaster recovery and business continuity: workshop results. Jacques Latour (.ca), Régis Massé (.fr)

ccTLD's financial contribution to ICANN | Session chair: TBC

  • Briefing current status. TBC
  • Community consultation. TBC
10:15-10:30Coffee break

Accountability Session | Session chair: Jordan Carter (.nz)

  • Work Stream 2 (WS2): Are the proposed changes supported by the ccNSO? Jordan Carter (.nz)

WS2 Accountability: how do the recommendations apply to the ccNSO? | Session chair: Jordan Carter (.nz)

  • Break-out session
12:00-13:30Lunch break

Joint meeting: ccNSO & ICANN Board

  • agenda available soon

Session with the ccNSO appointed ICANN Board members | Session chair: Debbie Monahan (.nz)

  • Chris Disspain, Mike Silber, Nigel Roberts
    Also invited: Becky Burr, Danko Jevtovic, Lito Ibarra

ccTLD News Session | Session chair: Christelle Vaval (NomCom appointed councillor)

  • Outcomes of the .au registry operator tender process & new constitution. Cameron Boardman (.au)

  • Leveling the playing field: Legal assistance for Domain Name end users under .CL. Margarita Valdés (.cl)

  • Between Brexit and a new .eu Regulation. Giovanni Seppia (.eu)

  • Creating Domestic Visibility for the .ng Brand. Biyi Oladipo (.ng)

  • Marketing Initiatives for .CO and .US 2018. Crystal Peterson (.us & .co)


Independent Review Process (IRP) | Session chair: Stephen Deerhake (.as)

  • Overview of the interim rules for the IRP, as prepared by the Implementation Oversight Team (IOT). David McAuley (verisign), Bernard Turcotte
  • Meeting wrap-up by the ccNSO Council chair. Katrina Sataki (.lv)

ccNSO Council Meeting

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