Sub-group Members:  Alan Greenberg, Avri Doria, Cheryl Langdon-Orr, Farzaneh Badii, Greg Shatan, Herb Waye, Jorge Villa, Kavouss Arasteh, Olga Cavalli, Steve DelBianco   (10)

Staff:  Bernard Turcotte, Berry Cobb, Brenda Brewer


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      0. Call Admin and Roll Call / Apologies (2min-CLO)  Apologies 

  1. Welcome - Opening Remarks –

Our aim and purpose for today's call (3-5 min- CLO)

2. Review (brief) of last meeting records here and any Action Items (5-10 min- SDB, FB) 

SDB and FB have updated the document per comments.

3. Primary Agenda Item - Discussion (25 -35 min SDB, FB, CLO)

Further to discussions in our call last week, and matters posted to the list, today we seek the finalisation of our Final Report for CCWG consideration in September Plenary. (This will require that we lodge or Final Report by Sept 20th for consideration by the CCWG Plenary at our meeting on September 27th)

4. AOB 

5. Review of any Action Items and future meetings.

                  *No dates for next meetings are currently booked. 

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  •  Accept compromise position vs term limits recommendation
  • With that change, the document is now ready for transmission to the plenary for a first reading.
  • The sub-group will recommend to the plenary that it does not feel there is a need for an additional public consultation given the editorial/clarification nature of the changes to the document vs the previous version.

 Action Items:

  • SD to transmit package for plenary reading.


  • (none)

Documents Presented 

Chat Transcript

 Brenda Brewer: (9/14/2017 13:36) Good day all!  Welcome to WS2 SO/AC Accountability Subgroup Meeting #33 on 14 September 2017 @ 19:00 UTC!

  Brenda Brewer: (13:37) When not speaking, please mute your phone by pressing *6 (star 6). To unmute, *6. This call is recorded.

  Brenda Brewer: (13:37) Reminder to all, for captioning and transcription, please  state your name before speaking and speak slowly.  Thank you!

  Olga Cavalli: (13:51) hi all from Buenos Aires!!

  Cheryl Langdon-Orr (CLO): (13:53) Hi Brenda  No Dial out qill wirk today I still have no phones to the house

  Cheryl Langdon-Orr (CLO): (13:54) so I will try connection in via AC  :-(

  Cheryl Langdon-Orr (CLO): (13:54)  lets test that now for audio in

  Brenda Brewer: (13:55) Thank you, Cheryl.  

  Bernard Turcotte - ICANN: (13:56) Hello all

  Brenda Brewer: (13:57) Kavouss, dial out to you in progress, no answer yet.  Thank you!

  Brenda Brewer: (13:58) Kavouss is now connected by audio as well as Sebastien.  

  Bernard Turcotte - ICANN: (14:00) audio good for now Cheryl

  Bernard Turcotte - ICANN: (14:04) September, August done

  avri doria: (14:06) the consideration of term limits is a good proactice.

  Steve DelBianco: (14:06) An AC/SO/Group that elects its officers should impose term limits. *

  Cheryl Langdon-Orr (CLO): (14:08) Thanks to the 4 respondents, but  it is a pity that more input on the list was not received on this... But

  Kavouss Arasteh: (14:08) Steve, what do we mean by "Term"

  avri doria: (14:08) considering issues is objectively good

  Kavouss Arasteh: (14:08)  do we refer to "GOOD PRACTICE"

  Steve DelBianco: (14:08) An AC/SO/Group that elects its officers should consider term limits. *

  Cheryl Langdon-Orr (CLO): (14:08) I agree with Steve on this   will agree too the "consider"language

  Bernard Turcotte - ICANN: (14:09) @Kavouss "term" means the length on time the person is elected for

  Cheryl Langdon-Orr (CLO): (14:09) Cationing this is Stev not Sebastien speaking

  Kavouss Arasteh: (14:09) WHICH ELECTION?

  Bernard Turcotte - ICANN: (14:10) @Kavouss - the recommendation is about any election in SO/ACs

  Kavouss Arasteh: (14:10) tKS

  Steve DelBianco: (14:13) Next step is to say whether our changes are so significant as to require another round of public comments

  Bernard Turcotte - ICANN: (14:13) correct

  Steve DelBianco: (14:14) I can report that no edits or comments were noted for last 10 days

  Steve DelBianco: (14:16) Have updated the Good Practice on Term Limits.  Just need to re-generate the Table of Contents and update version and date

  Bernard Turcotte - ICANN: (14:17) Will be distributed on Sept. 20th with the agenda

  Bernard Turcotte - ICANN: (14:17) Note - Final decision on the additional public consultation or not is for the plenary

  Bernard Turcotte - ICANN: (14:18) But the sub-group's opinion is important

  Steve DelBianco: (14:19) Our updated report is at

  Farzaneh Badii: (14:20) it's time for celebration!

  Steve DelBianco: (14:20) Our response to public comments is at  

  Bernard Turcotte - ICANN: (14:20) For the record could you please send an email to me that the document is now ready for a first reading and that you do not believe there is aneed for a second public consultation

  Alan Greenberg: (14:22) Sorry to be late

  Cheryl Langdon-Orr (CLO): (14:22) Welcome Alan

  Cheryl Langdon-Orr (CLO): (14:22) just wrapping up our Report for Plenary

  Greg Shatan: (14:22) Bernie, first reading by the Plenary, correct?  Just to be clear....

  Bernard Turcotte - ICANN: (14:23) @Greg - correct

  Cheryl Langdon-Orr (CLO): (14:23) Of Fianl Report  Yes  Greg

  Bernard Turcotte - ICANN: (14:24) But if there is no requirement for an additional public comment from the plenary this would be the final recommendations

  Cheryl Langdon-Orr (CLO): (14:25) YES absolutly Bernie

  Farzaneh Badii: (14:26) thank you Kavouss

  Olga Cavalli: (14:26) +1 kavouss

  Greg Shatan: (14:27) I agree with Kavouss.


  Kavouss Arasteh: (14:31) Convey

  Bernard Turcotte - ICANN: (14:31) Time check - 30 minutes left in call ;-)

  Farzaneh Badii: (14:32) thank you everyone

  Herb Waye Ombuds: (14:33) sorry for being late... bye all

  Farzaneh Badii: (14:33) bye all

  avri doria: (14:33) bye, thanks

  Greg Shatan: (14:34) Where is Plenary?

  Bernard Turcotte - ICANN: (14:34) bye all

  Cheryl Langdon-Orr (CLO): (14:34) 27th

  Greg Shatan: (14:34) Bye all!

  Cheryl Langdon-Orr (CLO): (14:34) BYE  and THANK you all!!!

  Olga Cavalli: (14:34) bye

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