The Repository for Registrars (Pilot) is launched by the ICANN APAC regional office and can also be accessed via the following link: This is to complement our capacity-development efforts aimed at helping registrars better understand ICANN’s policy requirements. 

This initiative was started based on community’s request for an easy-to-understand summary of requirements, dedicated for ICANN registrars. The current repository covers the following: 

The published content may be updated according to new policy implementations and feedback received. More content will also be included over time. Should you have any comments that can help us improve the repository, please send them to

For further questions on the contents, please contact

Note: The documents above provide a summary of registrar requirements related to the specifications or policies as stated in the links set out below. The summarization of terms within these documents do not override or replace the terms set forth within the stated specifications or policies. Please refer to the full text of the agreements, specifications and policies to review and understand the requirements for registrars.

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