Members: Martin Boyle, Peter Koch, Debbie Monahan, Danko Jevtovic, Mirjana Tasic, Stephen Deerhake, Svitlana Tkachenko, Garth Miller, Peter Vergote, Allan MacGillivray, Nigel Roberts, Eberhard Lisse, Tom Barrett, Nick Wenban-Smith

Participants: Marita Moll, 

Observers and experts:  Jaap Akkerhuis, Kim Davies, Elise Gerich, Naela Sarras

Staff:  Bart Boswinkel, Kim Carlson

Apologies:  Barbara Povse, Annebeth Lange, Patricio Poblete, Maureen Hilyard, Theo Geurts, Michele Neylon 


- Welcome and Roll Call
- Introduction PDP Retirement WG
o Charter WG
o Working Method
- Next steps
- Next meeting (Johannesburg)
o Proposed agenda
o Date & Time
Thursday, 29 June
Time: 1030-1200 local time (block 2)
Room: Committee 2
Remote participation:



Chat transcript:

Kimberly Carlson:Hello, welcome to today's PDP Retirement Working Group on 7 June, at 17:00 UTC
Bart Boswinkel:Hi All
Kimberly Carlson:Peter, you'll need to mute your speakers
Elise Gerich:Hello.
Svitlana Tkachenko, .UA:Hello !
Garth MIller:Hello
Mirjana Tasic .rs:Hello!
Kimberly Carlson:Everyone is on AC
Stephen Deerhake (.as):Nigel is joining presently...
Danko Jevtović .RS:Hi Nigel
Nigel Roberts:hi
el:sorry about being late, work issues
Kimberly Carlson:29 June
Tom Barrett - EnCirca:hi all. sorry for being late.
Danko Jevtović .RS:nope
Kimberly Carlson:@Tom, I will circulate the recordings to catch you up on what you missed
Allan MacGillivray (.ca):Bart/Kim - how soon can the meetings for the rest of the year be scheduled? I would find this to be very useful. Thanks
Stephen Deerhake (.as):FoI is short but an important read.
Kimberly Carlson:I think we will discuss the rotation in Jo'burg - then we can book through the year
el:Kim, can you email the link to the ISO Web site to the list, please?
Kimberly Carlson:yes
Kimberly Carlson:
Kimberly Carlson:I will circulate to the mailing list as well
Mirjana Tasic .rs:Bye
Danko Jevtović .RS:Thank you!
Kimberly Carlson:Thank you all, bye
Stephen Deerhake (.as):Thanks Bart!
Elise Gerich:bye
Garth MIller:Thank you
Danko Jevtović .RS:cu
Svitlana Tkachenko, .UA:Thanks.1
Tom Barrett - EnCirca:thsnk you
Peter Vergote:txs Bart and all


Transcripts will start after Jo’burg
This is single PDP – has been described in issues report.
Working method – two working groups (no taskforces), community has more experience working within WGs
Issues reports includes ICANN’s general counsel opinions regarding scope of PDP and added value ( Opinion Required per Annex B Bylaws)

PDP, the GAC was asked for advice/opinion on issues report. Was just received. Will be forwarded to the group as input for process
Deliverables and timelines include as well. Also addressed in presentation.
Background material reference to charter of WG (retirement and review mechanism)
Public comment on issues report is going on right now – more to wider community. Does not change initiation of PDP. Comments if any will be forwarded to the WG.

Charter is included in IR and was drafted by community members. Captures issues to be addressed, scope and deliverables
Deliverables of WG are: Interim paper, Final Paper, Progress reports and information to ccNSO council (updates).
Interim paper will be subject to public comment of at least 40 days
If WG decides, additional comment period can be included in process.

Distinction between Interim Paper<-> Interim Report, Final Paper <-> Final Report: Interim paper is an intermediate the work product of a WG, subject to public comment. A Final Paper is final product/deliverable of WG. The Interim Report will combine the Final papers of WG Retirement and WG Review Mechanisms and is again subject to public comment. This will result in Final REPORT, that will be submitted to ccNSO decision making (Council and Membership).

Tentative, optimistic timeline: Developing the Interim paper will start now, by Nov 2017 is the hope for publication and public comment – 40 days, staff summary, discussion then final paper (could be public comment or directly to issues manager) – then closure of WG.

Membership: members (related to cctld manager, appointed by council), participants through other SOACs (ALAC and GNSO currently), awaiting GAC and SSAC participants, inf any. By first face to face meeting in Jo’burg, wg may expect welcome GAC participants. No Observers Experts: PTI / IANA ( Elise, Naela and Kim Davies) and ISO 3166 – MA (Jaap)

Working method – rules of engagement – call every two weeks, 1-1.5 hours, rotational basis, Jo’burg staff will come up with schedule. To focus discussion start with
strawman doc from issues manager/support staff, WG members requested to provide comments online via email, consolidated then circulated red line version 3 bus days before next meeting.
WG Decision-making: Nothing will be adopted without at least two readings. No difference between members/participants on consensus decision (full group) IF NECESSARY, if a vote is needed, members only (Need tbd’ed chair and vice chair)

Engage broader community at f2f meetings
Second reading of rules of engagement at Joburg meeting

Next steps
Chair and vice chair Nomination – send to wg email list, within two weeks. Need to be confirmed by council. Want chair vice chair seated by Jo’burg

Face to face meeting Jo’burg: Thurs, 29 June Block 2. Remote participation facilities are provided.
Tentative agenda:
Rules of engagement,
ISO3166 rules will be explained by Jaap to explain,
brief discussion terms and terminology in use – as there is some confusion and inconsistencies reg retirement of cctlds,

Tools, webpage with members and background material Static info, wiki space, repository for working docs, presentations, inform community,
Recordings of all meetings are available, presentations will be posted on wiki, next meeting we will have transcripts of all meetings.

Peter V – prep documents first meeting? review FOI, Final Report on retirement by DRDWG, RFC 1591
Review IsO3166 – if possible, review the website (descriptions, etc)
Jaap – Participating as expert on ISO 3166 ( member of the MA) . Not wearing SSAC hat. SSAC may or may not appoint someone to particpate.
Nigel – review of documents mentioned (FOI, etc) – reading list for prep. Also suggest to go over core documents to ensure everybody is up to speed.

Next step – nominate chair/vice via email list;

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