Team:  Jabhera Matogoro, Noorul Ameen, Emily Taylor, Eric Osterweil, Ram Krishna Pariyar, Zarko Krsic, Don Blumenthal, Alain Aina, Denise Michel, Cathy Handley, Kerry-Ann Barrett, Mohama Amin Hasbini,

Observers:  Paulo Angelo, SM, C. Messina, Davey Song, George Sadowsky, Lucas Moura, Rahul Sharma, Olha Vasylevych, Ali Hussain

Staff:  Yvette Guigneaux, Pamela Smith, Charla Shambley, Jennifer Bryce, Karen Mulberry, Steve Conte, Margie Milam, Sherwood Moore, Jean-Baptiste Deroulez, Bernard Turcotte, David Conrad


Apologies: Geoff Huston, Boban Krsic


  • Observers on the call
  • SOI updates
•Administrative Information - (email lists, Observers, wiki page, schedules)
•Leadership of Review Team - e.g. Chair/ Vice-Chair/Co-Chairs
•Mapping out the SSR2 activities for ICANN58 meetings
  • SSR2 Public Consultation Agenda – 12 March at 13:45 – 15:00
  • SSR2 Plenary Meeting 15 March at 8:30 – 16:30
-Briefing Topics
-Terms of Reference
-Work plan
  • Methodology – pre-discuss approach (Bylaws criteria, indicators of performance)


Discussion documents

Final v1 SSR2 1st RT Meeting 2March2017_Final


Chat Transcript:  EN

Transcript:  EN


  • Staff to draft document about what other review teams have used for chairs and co-chairs and send to the list. Describe what each position entails and open submissions.
  • Staff to produce a summary of how other review teams have handled Observers.
  • Staff to post staff structure, responsibilities in wiki background page. 
  • Review Team to provide its terms of reference to the ICANN Board for 30 March. 



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