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 Proposed Framework of Interpretation for Human RightsProposed FOI for HRProposed FOI for HR
 CCWG ACCT Proposal for Limited Scope of the ATRT3 ReviewN/AATRT2 Letter to SOACs
 SO/AC QuestionsSO AC questions [revised 2-Nov, v2].docxSO AC questions [revised 2-Nov, v2].pdf
 Final Letter on Collision of WS2 and ATRT3CCWG-LetterOnCollisionsOfWS2andATRT3-Final2.docxCCWG-LetterOnCollisionsOfWS2andATRT3-Final2.pdf
 Draft letter to the Board with the CCWG recommendation with respect to ATRT3N/ACCWG-Letter On Collisions Of WS2 and ATRT3
 CCWG Budget Legal Cost Control MechanismsN/ACCWG Budget Legal cost control mechanisms.pdf
 CCWG Comments on Draft New ICANN AoCN/ACCWG-Comments on Draft New ICANN Articles of IncorporationV1
 Comments - AoCN/ACCWG-Comments on Draft New ICANN Articles of Incorporation.pdf
 Update on Expressions of Interest(info) Google DocumentEoIforWS2topics_1July.pdf
 Board Guidelines Issue Paper(info) Google DocumentGuidelinesIssuePaper.pdf
 Human Rights Issue Paper(info) Google DocumentHRIssuePaper.pdf
 Ombudsman Issue Paper(info) Google DocumentOmbudsmanIssuePaper.pdf
 Alan Greenberg on TransparencyAlan-Transparency-CCWG.pptxAlan-Transparency-CCWG.pdf
 Steve Delbianco on SO/AC AccountabilitySteve on SOAC Accountability.pptxSteve on SOAC Accountability.pdf
 Mathieu Weill on DiversityMWE Lightning Talk Helsinki.pptxMWE Lightning Talk Helsinki.pdf
 Siva Muthusamy on Board guidelinesN/A

Siva Board Accountability.pdf


 Niels Ten Oever on Human rightsN/ANiels Lightning Talk .pdf
 Pedro Ivo Da Silva on JurisdictionPedro Jurisdiction.pptxPedro Jurisdiction.pdf
 Jordan Carter talk on Jurisdiction
 Meeting slide deckN/ACCWG Helsinki Meeting FINAL.pdf
 PCST Status on FY17 CCWG BudgetN/APCST Status on FY17 CCWG budget - 20Jun16 v1 0.pdf
 Sign up for WS2 Topics

Google doc 

 Sign up for Lightning Talks at ICANN56-HelsinkiGoogle doc N/A
 WS2 Plan & Helsinki AgendaN/AWS2 plan and Helsinki agenda
 WS2 Presentation & FY17 EstimatesN/APresentation for WS2 and FY17 estimates
Mindmap WS2 TopicsN/AMindmap
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